The indefatigable Mayoral candidate for the Democratic Party, MIKE NUTTER was an unexpected guest at the fundraiser held at Curran’s Irish Pub in Tacony. It is a local institution. His Honor made a very brief speech and said, “I would like to say more but would like to get back to my beer.” He stayed for approximately three hours. Among those supporting the fundraiser were STATE SEN. MIKE STACK, STATE REP. MIKE McGEEHAN; City Council candidate BILL GREEN (one of the five winners in the primary) and TOM FORKIN, head of the Frankford Ave. Development Corp.

It seems almost certain Nutter will become the next Mayor of Philadelphia. During the primary, the five candidates all agreed that the major problem confronting Philadelphia was crime on the streets.

Most criminologists agree that the major weapon for reducing crime is to put more uniformed officers on the street. Here is a quick way to do that, assuming the money can be obtained from either the State or Federal government to pay for the costs. Obviously, after Nutter made so many statements about reducing taxes, money cannot come from local sources. Here are the proposals:

Put the City Prison Correctional officers on the street in uniform. This would have to be done on an overtime basis for the Correctional officers.

Put the Sheriff Deputies on the street in uniform. This also would have to be done on an overtime basis.

Enter into contracts with Temple University and University of Pennsylvania to use their uniformed security people in high crime areas in Philadelphia. Both Temple and Penn have their own police forces which are equipped with radio, patrol cars and uniformed officers.

Make better use of the town watch organizations around the city. By this, as opposed to two police officers on foot patrol, pair town watch people with trained uniformed police officers.

Utilize the Center City Police Force, a private organization which provides foot patrol in Center City. It is paid for by additional assessments on the business community in that area.

Since CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY is now chairman of the committee in Congress which has a $4 billion budget and includes among its responsibilities provision of security for Federal buildings, it may be possible to work out contractual arrangements with the Federal government to use their security people who currently function in the Federal buildings in Philadelphia. Many are former police officers.

The Somerton Civic Association Annual Memorial Day Parade was a huge success. It featured convertibles for the VIPS all supplied free of charge by GARY BARBERA, the well-known car dealer. Among the notables parading was Democratic Mayoral candidate Mike Nutter and State Sen. Mike Stack. Stack was joined in his convertible by his niece KATIE STACK and her friend AMELIA HATHAWAY as well as by the children of JOE STEWARD; tagging along was City Council candidate SEAN McALEER. It was very well organized by Somerton Civic Association PRESIDENT MARY JANE HAZELL, ably backed by DELORES BARBIERI, ARLENE PETROFF, ROSEMARY RUBINO and DIANE CARUSO. This parade was started approximately 20 years ago and has grown in size each year. It was started because of concern that the veterans who served our country, represented by the Memorial Day holiday, were not being properly appreciated for their great service to our country.

There was a 1st-grader from the MaST Charter School, GRACE, who delivered the National Anthem perfectly.

In the book, Mornings on Horseback by DAVID McCOLLOUGH, a book about PRESIDENT TEDDY ROOSEVELT, who is quoted as approving the statement of JOE MURRAY, ‘not to insist on the spoils when you get into office to share them equitably among your political friends is almost as dishonorable as not to pay your debts.”