Making The Cut For St. Baldrick’s

by Patty-Pat Kozlowski

It’s payback time for the guy whose job it is to “CLIP” you. By “CLIP”, we’re talking about the Community Life Improvement Program – a division of the Philadelphia Managing Director’s Office that attacks quality-of-life problems such as graffiti, unkempt yards and properties, trash and animal violations, and high weeds and grass.

Since its start, the program, an idea coming from City Councilwoman Joan Krajewski to address problems in her communities, has been a success. People who weren’t taking care of their properties quickly have been “CLIP­PED” with a fine and citation if they don’t clean up their act.

Out in the front of it all is Tom Conway, deputy managing director of Philadelphia, infamously known as the “Clipman”.

Now it’s time for you to CLIP Conway back, so to speak. For the second time, Conway has offered his noggin for a full baldie cut this March as he partakes in a fundraiser for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

St. Baldrick's began in 2000 as a casual bet between friends who wanted to get 17 of their friends to raise $17,000 on Mar. 17 by having a hair-shaving party and then donating the proceeds to the fight against childhood cancer. That first year, they raised $104,000. Since then it has exploded into the world's biggest volunteer-driven fund­raising program for childhood cancer!

In eight years, hair-buzzing events have taken place in 18 countries and 46 US states, raising over $34 million by shaving more than 46,000 heads. Conway’s head is going to be one of them this year as he yet again takes it all off at Paddy Whack’s Pub in Northeast Philadelphia.

“You heard it right,” said Conway, rubbing his mane. “I'm shaving my head in solidarity with children who have cancer and typically lose their hair during treatment, while raising critical funds for childhood cancer research.”

Conway’s sponsors are out for blood, or at least a chrome dome, since many felt last year he did not take off enough of his lovely locks. They are calling for him to go completely bald and Conway has stated he’s ready to take off all the hair on his body. “I’ll have the girls shave me from my head down to my ankles,” quipped Conway. “But my donations better top last year’s!”

You can attend the hair-shaving event at Paddy Whacks Pub, 9241 Roosevelt Boulevard, Rear Plaza on Saturday, Mar. 15 and make a donation there. Or you can log onto and key in Tommy Conway’s name with his ID# S-24302 and make a donation on line. Call Gina Jones at (215) 498-2303 or email her at and tell her you want to CLIP Tommy Conway.