MARC To Assist Spring Cleanup

Major Artery Revitalization Committee partners with the City of Philadelphia to assist in the citywide Philly Spring Cleanup on Saturday, Apr. 5.

MARC pledged to clean Cottman Avenue from State Road to Roosevelt Boulevard, including Russo Park, located at Cottman & Torresdale Avenues. That's a two-mile stretch of road and a 10-acre park, all to be done in five hours.

"MARC supports Mayor Nutter and his effort to cleanup the city," said MARC President John Byrne. "Appearance is everything and our city would sparkle if everyone took just a couple minutes each day to pick up the trash in front of their property.

The goal of the cleanup is to recruit thousands of Philadelphians to help clean major sections of the city; to raise awareness about litter prevention; to instill neighborhood pride and civic responsibility in an effort to keep the city clean. This one-day event runs 9 a.m.-2 p.m. For more information on MARC or the cleanup effort, visit