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FROM: Anthony West, Managing Editor
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The Philadelphia Public Record, the snappy weekly which covers thoroughly the political, union, and organized communities of this city, will go daily starting tomorrow, Friday, the 25th of June.
According to managing editor Tony West, “this will be an additional edition of our two weekly editions which are published each Thursday.
“The reason we feel the time has come is we daily discover, receive, or investigate newsworthy subjects that are best served fresh … and that is best done to our internet readers.
“By the time we report them in our two weekly print editions — the citywide Phila. Public Record (50,000cc) and the South Philadelphia Record (20,000cc) — they’ve been caught up to by the dailies”, he added.
“What prompted the daily edition is the huge spike on our website of readers every Thursday and Friday. We average 5,000 hits per week, with the busiest number logged in on those two days.”
The Philadelphia Daily Record will be a “bare-bones daily report of key stories compiled as we get them, after the staff verifies the facts with followup calls and rewrites,” Mr. West added.
Editor and Publisher Jim Tayoun, who together with West shares over 50 years of careers in journalism, said, “We won’t have a blinking, winking, nodding headline and caricature grabbing format. But people logging in will know they’ve come to a daily digest of the key stories of the day being made by the city and state legislative bodies, the city schools, as well as the leaders in the realms of political leadership and organized labor.”
Tayoun noted he was impressed by the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin’s daily on-line edition. “We consider their efforts the flagship. But, as we do weekly, the stories we will be bringing daily to the public on the internet will be those will fit our loyal readers’ niches of interest, featuring the tight format they find in our weekly print editions.”


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One Response to Public Record Goes Daily … Online

  1. Congrats….and what took you so LONG? Cane never get enough of old fashioned political “stuff”. Keep up the great work Jimmy, and the entire Public Record team!!

    Terry Devlin
    June 25, 2010 at 1:20 pm

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