SNOOPER: No Food Stamps For Addicts

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SNOOPER “SNOOPING”: While visiting a local TV STATION, I was told they had a CONGRESSMAN there to be interviewed. Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me, so I proceeded to investigate. Yes, it was none other than CONGRESSMAN JOE SESTAK from The 7th Dist. He was asked what some of his concerns are. The Congressman quickly stated, “I am interested in our EDUCATION SYSTEM.” After a little prodding, he further stated, “EDUCATION, LABOR and also SMALL BUSINESSES all belong together.”
SNOOPER’S “SPECIAL REQUEST”: Please, I understand your RAGE over the recent story in THE PUBLIC RECORD concerning our friend PAUL “Earthquake” MOORE. He stated, “These MEMORIALS left by grieving PARENTS and FRIENDS on our roadsides are EYESORES, and soon become harsh and uninviting to our outsiders visiting our local COMMUNITIES.” Many of you asked me to ask MR. MOORE what he would do if one of his children met with a tragedy like this. “Does he know,” said one, “a MEMORIAL helps us to deal with what has happened, and to tear them down is a personal insult to us. These MEMORIALS are not eyesores, but are reminders to all of us what has happened – AN INNOCENT LIFE HAS BEEN SNUFFED OUT.” We CARE!
SNOOPER’S GREAT IDEA BUREAU: How about the Senator who is proposing a bill that would insist all those on WELFARE and FOOD STAMPS be TESTED for DRUGS? I agree 100%, because about preventing all these people from using our hard-earned dollars for their DRUGS. I have seen many of them, as soon as they get their WELFARE CHECKS, immediately go to KENSINGTON & ALLEGHENY looking to BUY DRUGS. Hey, please let me know how you feel about this one. EMAIL me at
SNOOPER’S PHILLY’S “WATER WONDER”: I am very curious as to how many of you may have seen the WATER MAIN BREAK last week. If you were at STATE ROAD & LINDEN AVENUE, you couldn’t have missed it. There was this huge waterspout, and I thought I was in Yellowstone NATIONAL PARK. Whew – a huge GEYSER coming out of the street. Now I know how the underwater OIL LEAK must look like, only in reverse. You guessed it, FREE CAR WASH. It did cause quite a TRAFFIC JAM, because of all the ‘traffic neck-benders’. Must give “PROPS” to our WATER DEPT.; they did a great job!
SNOOPER’S SPORTS NEWS EXTRA: With deep sorrow I must report the passing of one of the nicest Pro Wrestlers around. Many of you may have seen him as he wrestled for THE CZW, PWU, ROH, and even CHIKARO. He was one of their hardest ‘workers’, along with his BACKSTREET partner JOHNNY. His name was MICHAEL VERDI or, as we all knew him, “TRENT ACID”. Hey, he was only 29 years of age, far too young for such a wonderful young man to pass away. “TRENT” was loved by many and I can tell all of you he loved them all back too. MOIRA, an avid fan of “THE BACKSTREET BOYS”, could tell you all about him, and what a great gentleman he was, not only to her, but to everybody he met.

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