CITY HALL SAM: Williams Or Saidel For Auditor Gen.?

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The vacancy created recently with the resignation of STATE SEN. ROBERT MELLOW as minority chairman of the Appropriations Committee has renewed interest in that office in the eastern part of the state. STATEW SEN. MIKE STACK is currently a member of the Committee and his duties there include any legislation having to do with Philadelphia Co. Stack is believed to be a natural to fill the vacancy.
For next year, it looks like STATE SEN. TONY WILLIAMS may be casting his eye on running for Auditor General. Although JONATHAN SAIDEL has said he will not run for statewide office again, he would be a natural with his years of training as Controller in Philadelphia. Of course, if in fact Saidel did say he would not run statewide again, he is free to change his mind about any statements made in the immediate aftermath of an election defeat.
Williams ran well in his campaign for Governor, but did not poll as many votes as Saidel did in running for Lieutenant Governor. Just to make things more interesting, Williams is already on record saying he will support MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER for reelection in the year 2011.
CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY, the Chairman of the Democratic Party, is good friends with both Williams and Saidel. In light of his strong statements about Williams when he was running for Governor, it seems likely, if there is a primary fight for Auditor General, he would support Williams.
A good candidate to run against BRIAN O’NEILL, the incumbent in the 10th Councilmanic Dist., would be Saidel, who lives in that District.
As GOV. ED RENDELL reaches the end of his term in the Governor’s Mansion, speculation is beginning to rise with regard to where the very popular Governor can best use his talents. Few expect him to go back into the private practice of law. He seems well equipped for a position in the Obama Administration. His experience in the field of education will stand him in good stead as a candidate for secretary of Health, Education & Welfare or one of the top administrative spots in that agency. Also, as a former District Attorney, he would qualify for one of the high policymaking positions in the Justice Dept. in Washington, D.C. Is it too soon for him to accept an appointment to be an Ambassador to one of the United States allies? Or perhaps Ambassador to the UN?

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