POLS ON THE STREET:GOP Leads Dems Statewide

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“Team Bass” volunteers have been swimming in and out of Northwest Philadelphia recently, garnering support and raising funds for their leader, Cindy Bass.
Bass, a key staffer for Congressman Chaka Fattah, is making waves with her fundraising efforts, that make it clear to many political insiders, she is about to make a run for a political office.
Her team celebrated another successful fundraiser last weekend in Montgomery Co. Bass and her growing number of volunteers met to talk strategy, and raise some money at the same time, at a breakfast fundraiser in Jenkintown.
“We might be out of Philadelphia, but I will go anywhere to raise money,” Bass told the Public Record to “watch this space” with regards her rumored City Council interest.
Another person whose name has been bruited about as having an interest in a Council run is Latrice Bryant, Councilman Wilson Goode, Jr.’s chief aide.
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state shows Pat Toomey with 45% support, while Joe Sestak earns 38% of the vote. Six percent prefer some other candidate in the race and 12% are undecided.
With this latest result, the race seems to be shifting from “Toss-Up” to “Leans Republican” in the Rasmussen Reports Balance of Power rankings.
Sixty-one percent of Pennsylvania voters favor repeal of the new national health-care bill which Sestak voted for as a member of the House, while 35% oppose repeal. This is a bit higher than support for repeal nationwide.
In the Keystone State, this includes 46% who Strongly Favor repeal and 24% who ‘Strongly Oppose’ it. Toomey holds modest leads among both male and female voters. He captures 78% of the GOP vote and 19% of Democrats, while Sestak gets just 62% support in his own party. Voters not affiliated with either party prefer the Republican by a two-to-one margin. Forty-five percent approve of the job President Obama is doing in the White House, while 54% disapprove.
Rasmussen has Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett holding a 10-point lead over Democrat Dan Onorato in Pennsylvania’s race for Governor as well. The latest poll of likely voters in Pennsylvania shows Corbett picking up 48% of the vote. Onorato, the chief executive of Allegheny Co., earns 38%. Five percent prefer some other candidate in the race and 10% remain undecided.
This new poll comes in the wake of a report from AP‘s Liz Sidoti, who notes crucial independent voters are flocking to Toomey in the swing state of Pennsylvania less than four months from Election Day. This trend benefits Corbett as well.
Democrat Sestak, a product of Philadelphia suburbia, needs a heavy turnout from Southeastern Pennsylvania. But Independents have been turning away from President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, frustrated with the economic downturn and administration initiatives. Even in Pennsylvania, where Obama won by double digits two years ago, Sestak, a two-term Congressman, has his work cut out for him.
Although Democrats outnumber Republicans by about 1.2 million in Pennsylvania, independent voters, especially those in the so-called collar counties around Philadelphia, have proved decisive in elections in this swing state. They are seen as key to victory in the competitive Senate race between Republican Toomey, a former Congressman who once headed the anti-tax Club for Growth, and Sestak. The same scenario favors Republican gubernatorial candidate Corbett. His campaign team reports their polls showing him with a 10% lead as well, and for basically the same reasons.
A Quinnipiac University survey showed Obama’s approval under 50% in the state. The president has lost considerable ground among Pennsylvania independents.
Freed from a GOP primary this year, Toomey has amassed far more money. He raised $3.1 million in the most-recent fundraising quarter and ended with $4.65 million available. He has four offices open, is running TV ads and is getting help from deep-pocketed groups like the US Chamber of Commerce. Sestak emerged from his Democratic primary with Specter all but broke; he raised $1.95 million last quarter and had about $2 million on hand. He has yet to run TV ads but has 10 campaign offices.
If independents side with Republicans this fall in Pennsylvania, Democrats could lose both a Senate seat and a governorship in an important presidential state, two years before Obama is expected to seek re-election.
Underlining this trend is a new poll by Zogby Interactive poll, which shows President Obama’s approval rating among likely voters slipped to 45% this week, his lowest rating ever.
Obama’s positive ratings are even lower than his overall approval on a number of questions about handling of issues, including 32% on the economy and 27% on the War in Afghanistan.  The Jul. 16-19, 2010 interactive survey of 8,487 voters has a margin of error +/- 1.1%.
The poll also found that:
Republicans lead Democrats, 43%-41%, on the question of which party’s Congressional candidate respondents intend to vote for this year, which is identical to a similar poll done Jun. 28.
A total of 56% of voters say the US is headed in the wrong direction, with 35% choosing right direction and 9% not sure. This is an improvement from the Jun. 28 poll that showed 60% choosing wrong direction, and a return to the mid-50% levels found earlier in the year.
It was good for Congressional Candidate Bryan Lenz when heavy guns VP Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came to a luncheon fundraiser last weekend spoke at his fundraiser lunch, bringing in big bucks.
But the other side of the coin may prove to be a negative for the 7th Congressional Dist. candidate. These big names’ poll numbers are low. At this time, they have no coattails other than the ability to raise money.
Kevin J. Boyle, candidate for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, has received the endorsement of District Council 47, the union representing City “white-collar” workers. The endorsement decision was made at a People Committee meeting.
Boyle commented on their support, “Organized labor can count on my support. Unions created so many of the working conditions that all workers enjoy, union and non-union alike. The eight-hour work day, the five-day work week and so many worker-safety requirements are in place because of unions. I will never forget their importance to the betterment of society.”
In November, he faces Republican incumbent John Perzel.
State Rep. Dwight Evans will host six more Friday-night neighborhood events through the end of summer, as part of a broader effort to raise awareness about the importance of residents knowing their neighborhood end of August, will be held at businesses and on blocks throughout the West Oak Lane neighborhood located in the 203rd House Dist. which Evans has represented by for the last 30 years.

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