WINNERS, LOSERS & LUCK: Butkovitz, And All That Jazz…

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BY LUCKY GLENWOOD/ say it ain’t so, DWIGHT EVANS! The Jazz Fest only had a few thousand people and cost over $1 million…? The bottom line is our favorite State Representative has to get ahold of overspending at OARC. More than $1 million on a failed jazz festival, another mil on that North By Northwest debacle that hooked up his buddy and left the taxpayers holding the bag. What’s next, and what have they spent taxpayer money on that we don’t know about? How many more millions will the taxpayers put out before there is someone knocking to check out OARC, if that isn’t already happening? By the way, how could it be justified that this money could go to OARC, and no money for mummers, etc.?

CONTROLLER ALAN BUTKOVITZ is preparing for a run for Mayor. That’s the word in many political circles. He’s got a sizable war chest to get started, and doesn’t seem to have a problem raising money. The only question is, will it be next year or further down the road? He’s a hard worker and is highly visible in a position that is difficult and taxing … pun intended. JONATHAN SAIDEL also did a good job in that position; Butkovitz is taking it to the next level.

Speaking of Philly powerhouses and money, we can’t understand why some people seem to be against the idea of CONGRESSMAN CHAKA FATTAH becoming appropriations chair. Who in their right mind would want to deny Philadelphians such a benefit? Seniority never has mattered in these matters; check the facts on that. We’re already about to lose SEN. ARLEN SPECTER, who brought home the goods. It’s time to rally behind all of our folks who can make this region what we want!

CONGRESSMAN JOE SESTAK is making the rounds, which is good. His Primary win was marked with a lot of immature “I told you so”s by his supporters. Too early to turn folks off and tell them to kiss off, so it’s good that he’s out and about, doing damage control.

Congrats to the Philadelphia Safety Net. More than 200 guns off the street after a recent event. Way to go, RAY!

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