CITY HALL SAM: Nutter’s Mounting Woes

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It was somewhat unusual for Philadelphia politics for the Chairman of the Democratic Party, CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY, to endorse, over a year in advance, the candidacy for reelection of the incumbent MAYOR MIKE NUTTER. That seems to be a response to general unrest in the Party with regard to the Mayor’s handling of the power of his office.

His frequent trips outside city limits to obtain high-level personnel for the many high-priced City jobs that attract young professionals to city government, has left some noses out of joint. ARLENE ACKERMAN was recruited in Washington, D.C. with an annual base salary of four times that of City Council members. Although CARL GREENE was recruited by former MAYOR JOHN STREET, he too is receiving a salary four times that of an elected Councilman. Philadelphia is the home of some outstanding professional schools, such as the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Jefferson University and Drexel University. You wonder why it is necessary to go outside Philadelphia to find qualified professional people.

The Nutter Administration’s plans to develop the waterfront have yet to touch on the most important subject – cost. It would seem to be not millions but billions of dollars that will be required to follow through on the proposals announced by the commission studying the waterfront.

The news SAM KATZ has registered as a Democrat and that Street seems to be supporting him should be a cause for alarm for Nutter.

To complicate things even further, COUNCILMAN AT LARGE BILL GREEN has given every indication of suffi cient dissatisfaction with the current administration that it would not be surprising if he were to become a candidate for Mayor in the election to be held 2011.

To complicate matters still further, TOM KNOX, who ran a credible campaign in 2007, has indicated he has been considering making a second run. He has the money that would take, and the fact he finished second to Nutter Could be an inducement to make a second try.

The interesting thing is all of these candidates have backgrounds well known to the average voter. Thus, the importance of Party support is diminished. All are well qualified and the City can’t be anything but a winner from next year’s election.

So far, the Republicans have not produced a candidate and depending on the quality of their ultimate choice, that could complicate things still further.

So the friendly relationship that exists now between Brady and Nutter could turn into an endorsement by the full City Committee. It would be all to Nutter’s advantage to nip any secessionist movements in the bud early.

As the legendary political humorist Will Rogers, when asked, responded, “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.”

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One Response to CITY HALL SAM: Nutter’s Mounting Woes

  1. Mr. Mayor, where are you?

    You convinced Philadelphians that you had the answers to the pressing problems facing our city. You were going to make a difference by finding solutions that would turn the tide of these rising crises for the people most at risk. Instead, our city has become a “decaying wasteland,” and the only time we hear from you is when you’re giving an update on how the city’s economic situation is continuing to spiral downward.

    Mr. Mayor, what Philadelphia requires is a leader who can address the crises that our city is facing with clear objectives and realistic solutions. What you are Mr. Nutter is a messenger who is the bearer of bad news.

    Philadelphians, we made a grave error in electing Mr. Nutter who doesn’t inspire confidence–only trepidation and hopelessness.

    Anthony P. Johnson

    Anthony P. Johnson
    September 13, 2010 at 7:55 am

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