POLS ON THE STREET: 2011 Primary Lies Heavy On Their Minds

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This patch is for GOP biker club that is being formed in city.

BY JOE SHAHEELI/ Both Democrat and Republican Parties in this city are poised and at the ready to do what they can to generate votes for their gubernatorial and US Senate candidates this November.

Though they are going through their pre-election drills and showing up to support their candidates at election and party functions, who will be on Primary slates is the key topic on the agenda when leadership gets together.

The most excitement generated may come from the Republican Party, which has seen a major split between the Loyal Opposition, also known as the Pennsylvania Republican Party, and the Republican City Committee. Despite efforts by both sides to bring a positive resolution to their differences, it seems they are farther apart than ever.

Mentioned as the Loyal Opposition’s contender for the GOP 3011 Primary for Mayor is John Featherman, well-known security maven, who has garnered a lot of press for his tips on how to avoid ID losses. He filed for the next Mayoral primary race shortly after the last primary.

According to those close to Featherman, he is not expected to go it alone. It is believed a line in the sand is being drawn between the Loyal Opposition and the Republican City Committee. The State-supported Loyal Opposition local leadership is expected to challenge the endorsed slate on several seats.


Word is out Councilwoman Joan Krajewski (D-Northeast) is expected to turn over her reins as 6th Dist. Councilwoman and not seek reelection. So there will be a lot of buzzing at her fabulous annual Fall Picnic by the Delaware River at Wissinoming Yacht Club on Sep. 12. That event starts at 2 p.m.

Strong rumors indicate Washington Savings Association banker Marty Bednarek, former ward leader and former member of both the School Board and the School Reform Commission, is one name surfacing as a strong contender. He reportedly has the support of a good portion of the District’s ward leaders who are leaning toward him.

Those close to Bednarek say if he goes, he’ll have a quarter-of-a-million-dollar war chest going for him as well. He himself has been a proven fundraiser. The Bednarek name is strong among the Polskis in the District.

Not looking at the race right now is State Rep. Michael McGeehan (D-Northeast), who has worked his Legislative District, much of which falls in the 6th Council Dist., to the point where his name has become a household word. Odds are, though, if pressed, he will consider entering the primary on May 17.

McGeehan is the long-time leader of the 41st Ward and has a following of fellow ward leaders in the Northeast.


Municipoll/PoliticsPA polled Philadelphia voters last week and discovered Nutter would hold a four-point advantage if former-Republican-turned-Democrat Sam Katz was his only primary candidate. Over 800 were polled.

The poll showed 28% of those queried where undecided, with Nutter below 50%, could cause the incumbent to campaign as earnestly as when he won the seat.

Congressman Bob Brady, reports the poll, also remains Nutter’s stiffest Democrat challenger with the following percentages: Nutter draws 30%, Brady 16%, Katz 15%, Councilman Bill Green 9% and Controller Alan Butkovitz 5%, with 23% undecided.

In another scenario asked by the pollsters, Nutter draws 32%, Brady 17%, Congressman Chaka Fattah 16%, Dwight Evans 9%, Tom Knox 8%, and Undecided 18%.

Nutter enjoys a diversity of support, with white voters rating his performance as Mayor more highly than African American voters. However, African American voters support Nutter over Katz 38% to 26%, while white voters support Katz 41% to 39%.

Those polling figures will be changing with the weather, but we present them here for you to contemplate. If you would like to contact Municipoll.com, please call Ed Haggerty at (267) 980-9289 or by email at ehaggerty@municipoll.com.


Tom Corbett, Republican nominee for Governor, isn’t worried about being a one-termer. He spent a busy Sunday at the annual Republican City Committee Clam Bake at Cannstatter, telling everyone if he is elected Governor, he would make unpopular cuts in State services, even if it meant he would become the State’s first one-term Governor in 40 years.

Corbett said steep cuts might be needed in State government. Corbett, the State Attorney General, made it clear his focus is on reducing spending, rather than raising fees or taxes, to deal with financial challenges. “If I only serve one term, I only serve one term,” Corbett said Friday. “I think people want to see you cut – except their program.”


The Independence Hall Tea Party sent 1500 members and friends on 28 buses to attend Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally in Washington. The crowd was estimated at 300,000 by some sources. Others said several thousand. Those who were there said, “Every nook and cranny was filled throughout the Washington Mall. That is closer to 300,000.”

Association President Teri Adams said, “The demand was such that we could have sent 40 buses. Our phones were ringing off the hook, with people desperately wishing to attend this rally.”


Are you a Republican with a motorcycle? You are eligible to join GOP Riders MC, a politically oriented motorcycle club whose mission is to promote the love of both motorcycles and Republican political ideology.

Understanding great diversity exists in the motorcycling community is also a very important objective of the club, GOP Riders will not discriminate against any Republican motorcycle enthusiast based on their choice of motorcycle. The club is open to male and female riders, riders of every age, ethnicity and people from many different walks of life and life experiences. All riders who are registered Republican voters are welcome to pledge and join GOP Riders MC. For info, email Info@GOPriders.com or 1 (888) 489-2460.


More national polling indicates Pennsylvania remains one of three key swing states as far as the President is concerned. The other two are Florida and Ohio.

In Pennsylvania, Obama’s approval is 40% with 55% of voters disapproving of him. Among Republicans, 85% disapprove while just 68% of Democrats approve and independents go against him by a 63%/32% margin. Only 78% of people who voted for him in 2008 like the job he’s doing while 93% who voted against him disapprove with identical numbers to Florida.

Florida shows Obama’s approval is 39% with 55% of voters disapproving of him. Among Republicans, 88% disapprove while just 73% of Democrats approve and independents go against him by a 52%/36% margin. Only 78% of people who voted for him in 2008 like the job he’s doing while 93% who voted against him disapprove.

Obama’s approval in Ohio is 42% with 54% of voters disapproving of him. There, 94% of Republicans disapprove while only 79% of Democrats approve and independents go against him by a 58%/33% margin. Only 76% of people who voted for him in 2008 approve while 91% who voted against him disapprove.

The famous Zogby poll shows Obama at 44% approval, his lowest to date.

Obviously it’s a long way from 2012, but these swing-state numbers for Obama are pretty brutal and underscore why Democrats may lose a whole lot of House seats this year in those states.


Republican candidate Lou Schwartz launched is website www.lou4rep.com and is taking his campaign this Saturday to the intersection at 2nd & South. He suggests it will be a great photo op, so bring your camera.

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One Response to POLS ON THE STREET: 2011 Primary Lies Heavy On Their Minds

  1. Locally, Mr. Nutter has been abysmal and the fact that he clings to a lead for winning a second term is cause for great alarm for the great city in Philadelphia. His accomplishments are so far and few one requires a magnifying glass to locate them.
    Nationally, the Republican/Tea Party believes that because some polls indicate that Americans are dissatisfied and prefer them to the Democratic leadership, they will reclaim the majority in the Senate and House of Representatives in November.

    This comes on the view that some political scientists predict that the Republican/Tea Party could win up to 52 seats in November–more than enough to reclaim the majority.

    The Republican/Tea Party is also penning their hopes on their archaic philosophy that if registered progressives, independents, and democrats stay home and don’t vote, they will be victorious.

    Suffice to say polls don’t vote! People vote and be assured registered progressives, independents, and democrats will vote on November 2, 2010, to continue moving the Republic forward and not back into the abyss of chaos.

    Anthony P. Johnson

    Anthony P. Johnson
    September 8, 2010 at 5:39 pm

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