If Councilman Green Has His Way….

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SEVEN members of new City Council were captured here: from left, Maria Quiñones Sánchez, Jannie Blackwell, Bill Green, Curtis Jones, Jr., Bill Greenlee, President Darrell L. Clarke and Denny O’Brien.

If Councilman Bill Green gets his legislative agenda for 2012 through City Council and the Mayor signs it all into law, the City’s pension system would be fixed, as would the tax-foreclosure process, with its government operating in a streamlined fashion. It will also address local unemployment.

“It’s time to move past the easy stuff and think bigger,” the Councilman remarked.

Green’s legislation, which he will introduce over the next two months, is grouped around four themes – economic growth, strategic use of City assets, fiscal responsibility, and streamlining government.

One of his bills will require 50% of man-hours on City-funded construction projects be performed by local workers as well as insuring City residents are first for jobs in City-supported projects.

Another will streamline the local business-entity certification process to better position local businesses to compete for city-funded projects, while another will modify the business-privilege tax. He will also seek to eliminate the job-killing net income tax.

The chronically underfunded City Pension Fund will have money directed to it from the sale of City assets.

A unique move for City Council would be his bill to require fiscal-impact analysis of all new legislation prior to passage and mandate cost-benefit analysis for all capital-budget projects.

He hopes to move enough legislation to insure an open government. This will require technology implementation. The City has already earmarked $120 million for that purpose.

His legislation would require an electronic option for all City transactions, both internal and citizen-facing (including, for example, online appeals of parking tickets), mandate all city data be available online in searchable, downloadable, malleable formats and implement a multi-year IT strategic plan specifying performance goals.

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