“Johnny Doc” Can Rock

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Electricians union boss John Dougherty has many strings to his bow: ward leader, power politician, labor leader, Irish Parade Grand Marshal – but rock star?
During last weekend’s Irish festivities, Dougherty proved he can hold his own playing the six-string and jam with the best of them.
When Dougherty or “Johnny Doc” as he is known in Philadelphia – took to the stage last Friday at a pre-St. Patrick’s Day Parade funder at Finnigan’s Wake in Northern Liberties, most onlookers were expecting another stump speech for a political candidate or for a fundraising appeal. However, to the surprise of the crowd, Dougherty picked up an acoustic guitar, and joined the house band to play a cover of the Rolling Stones hit: “Paint It Black.”
Dougherty kept with the Irish theme, though, changing the words from Paint It Black to “Paint It Green.”
Brian Stevenson a business agent for IBEW Local 98, also showed off his musicianship – joining his boss on stage to play the drums.
Few knew Dougherty could actually play the guitar, including his own father John Dougherty Sr. who said he was as surprised as anyone when his son started jamming. /Rory McGlasson

PROVING HE CAN jam with the best of them, IBEW Local 98 Business Manager John "Johnny Doc" Dougherty plays guitar at pre-St. Patrick's Day Parade funder at Finnigan's Wake last Friday. Dougherty is joined by IBEW Local 98 Business Agent Brian Stevenson on drums. Photo: Maria Merlino

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