Are Gay Politicos Gambling with Sims?

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Brian Sims, an advocate in the City’s gay community, has been endorsed by the Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club and Equality Pennsylvania and has issued the following statement.

He said, “These endorsements, coupled with one from the National Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, means I have the full support of the city, state and the national LGBT political organizations. I won these endorsements not just for my work in the LGBT community, but for my steadfast support and commitment to a woman’s right to choose, health-care reform, funding for domestic-violence prevention and homeless shelters, and a fair and democratic election process.”

But in making those endorsements and showing a united front, has the Philadelphia Gay community exposed a vulnerability?

Is it willing to test its cohesiveness as a voting bloc? Will it survive the onus of disregarding the efforts of non-gays on behalf of their political, social and civic platforms? And does it truly have a strong get-out-the-vote bloc, the kind that can defeat incumbent incumbent State Rep. Babette Josephs (D-S. Phila.), who has truly been one of their champions in the legislature, voting 100% on all legislation reflecting their claims and objectives?

Sims may be the candidate they believe will wrest them from the independence of others to support their causes. He has picked up the endorsement of nine of the 10 divisions from the 5th Ward that are part of the district. But that is a gamble. His loss will be their loss in every political sense.

Babette has a history of not wavering from her social platforms. She has survived many challenges to her candidacy.

Gov. Ed Rendell, who is careful about his endorsements, has emphatically come out for Josephs, stating, “There can be no dispute about the fact Babette Josephs is an effective fighter in Harrisburg for our values and the things we believe in.”

Josephs recently announced endorsements from the political-action committees representing Planned Parenthood and the Philadelphia chapter of National Organization of Women. She scored 100% on the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Scorecard issued by the state’s four top environmental groups and she was named a 2011 Legislative Hero by Keystone Progress.

Josephs announced she is introducing legislation that would repeal the provision of Pennsylvania’s Castle Doctrine that makes it optional for one to seek retreat before using deadly force.

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