CITY HALL SAM: Is Nutter Betting On Casinos Now?

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MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER seems to have solidified his position with regards to a second casino license in Philadelphia. The Mayor is now adamantly in favor of it. Previously he was trying to have his cake and eat it too by siding with the good-government anti-gaming neighbors. Now, he’s beating the drum for the economic power that gaming brings to the city. The only problem is the Mayor’s past history of ambiguity. He may not be able to keep the license in the city and try to steer where it is located. Mayor Nutter must now seek the assistance of the Philadelphia Senate and House delegations in Harrisburg, all of whom have differing political and economic agendas.

The Chairwoman of the Philadelphia Senate Delegation called a meeting at the Palm recently to discuss the issue. Among those present were STATE SENS. ANTHONY WILLIAMS, MIKE STACK, TINA TARTAGLIONE and LARRY FARNESE. The latter’s senate district will likely be the host for the second casino license. Notably absent was STATE SEN. VINCE HUGHES, who serves as the Appropriations Chairman in Harrisburg. The rift continues to exist between Hughes and the rest of the delegation. Hughes is perceived to be the creation of the Western Senators whom don’t want to share power with Philadelphia.

STATE SEN. TINA TARTAGLIONE was Medallion Winner at Ducky Birts' scholarship gala; she is congratulated here by veteran Laborer Charles Branch and PFT leader Jerry Jordan.

STATE SEN. LeANNA WASHINGTON was unable to attend the lunch at the Palm. Washington continues to recover from treatments for severe asthma. She will soon be at full strength and ready to join her delegation colleagues for battle.

Allegheny Co. once again shows it cannot be counted on to carry the statewide endorsed candidate. Most recent example is PAT MURPHY. Pat lost out west to challenger KATHLEEN KANE. Murphy was the endorsed candidate of many Democrats and Democratic Committees, but the numbers show he was not carried by the party organization in the West.

Murphy polled well in the Southeast. He cleaned up in Bucks, Philly, Montgomery, and Delaware Cos. Kane is a formidable candidate as the first woman to secure the nomination for an office never won by Democrats. However, her opening salvos could be offensive to rank-and-file politicians. She referred to Harrisburg politicians as “little boys playing games” and she indicated she will put politicians in jail. A more enlightened rhetoric would have been to point out that former Attorney General, GOV. TOM CORBETT, used the Attorney General’s office as a political stepping stone. He spent billions of dollars prosecuting politicians for relatively insignificant crimes, while dragging his feet on the crime of the century at Penn State.

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