Pentecostals Endorse Full Slate, Slash Corbett

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The Pentecostal Clergy of Philadelphia & Vicinity endorsed Sam Rohrer, US senatorial Republican candidate, and a full slate in the primary at its annual Prayer Breakfast attended by 164 members of the Clergy.

Bishop Leonard C.Goins, executive director and founder of the Pentecostal Clergy group, described candidate Rohrer as a “man of God.” Bishop Goins added, “The person needed in Washington to represent Pennsylvania, and why this endorsement, is for the man and not the party.”

Bishop Goins added in spite of the fact the Pentecostals were the only major African American Clergy group to support Gov. Tom Corbett during his election bid, it has now retained a civil-rights attorney to file suit challenging the voter-identification law that was recently passed by the Republican controlled legislature in Harrisburg, and quickly signed by him.

Bishop Goins said his group is united behind the belief the voter-identification law was a blatant attempt to inhibit the voting access of minorities, seniors, and lower income individuals who reside in the larger metropolitan areas of Pennsylvania. This breaks the promise, he added, the Governor made to 78 Pentecostal clergy on Sep. 17, 2011 when he claimed he would be the Governor of all Pennsylvanians.

Pentecostal Clergy also endorsed several candidates for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. These included State Reps. Vanessa L. Brown (190th), Michelle Brownlee (195th) and Mark Cohen (202nd), along with Harold James (Special Election 186th), Malik Boyd (198th), Will Mega (192nd) and Michael K. Ellis (201st). Also endorsed were Calvin Tucker and Lewis Harris, candidates for delegates to the Republican national convention.

Congressman Chaka Fattah was the keynote speaker at the 12th Anniversary Prayer and Fellowship Breakfast.

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