Why Brown’s ShopRites Benefit You Most

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LAUNCHING Food Recovery Challenge, Brown Family’s 10-area ShopRites begin collaboration with EPA, Philabundance and Food Recovery company to reduce landfill use, were Suzanne Forbes, WakeFern Foods; ShopRite Sustainable Program Director David Deets, Philabundance’s George Matysik, CEO Jeff Brown, EPA Administrator Shawn M.. Garvin and Organic Diversion CEO Rocco D’Antonio.

There are ShopRites and then there are ShopRites owned by Brown’s Superstores. What makes the Brown Family-owned ShopRites unique is their constant contributions to the community and the less fortunate in the neighborhoods they serve.

An example was the fact President and CEO Jeff Brown has partnered his 10 supermarkets with the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce food waste going to the landfills by the millions of tons, taking seriously the Brown’s Corporate Mission to “Bring joy to the lives of those we serve.”

To prove this commitment, the Brown’s ShopRites, from January to March of this year, donated to Philabundance and other local charitable organizations 42 tons of fresh food, the equivalent of 85,000 meals for the needy of Philadelphia. Brown has been doing this for over 20 years.

Included in that partnership is Organic Diversions, a company to which Brown’s ShopRites sent 193 tons of food waste instead of to local landfills. Organic Diversion, an organic recycler in Marlton, N.J., turns this food waste into rich compost and can now be found in garden retail sales areas at ShopRite and other garden centers.

Brown noted at the Food Recovery Challenge initiative’s launching held at his 52nd & Parkside ShopRite, “Food is the largest waste category going into landfills. They decompose rapidly and become a significant source of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Since working with Organic Diversion, we have diverted more than 170 tons of food waste away from local landfills and placed them into composting bins.”

Other environmental efforts launched by Brown’s ShopRites include solar roofing, a bag-reuse program, and operating its own recycle center.
EPA Regional Administrator Shawn Garvin lauded the Brown Family for its “ever-continuing efforts to helping feed the poor and needy, reduce carbon emissions, and adding to recycling tonnage.”

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