WALKING THE BEAT: A Great Round Of Memorial Day Activities

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MEMORIAL DAY approaches: All those brave men and women who fell in service to their country should be honored. The best way to do so is to take time out to REMEMBER them. Thank them and know: “They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning – We will remember them.”… JEFFERY LITTLE, Chairman of the Philly 9/11 Memorial Committee, had a big day yesterday when steel from the World Trade Center arrived at the Police Administration Building to be part of the City 9/11 Memorial in Franklin Square. It was a big day for all of us; support their efforts at www.phila911.com.

DELAWARE RIVER DAY gets better each year. A lot of free events for young and old. This is the original Penn Praxis concept for the riverfront – “a place for people to gather.” And rediscover the waterfront. Director Tom Corcoran should be proud of the many, many free events for the people – the 99% and the 1%…. Some opposition to the waterfront plan is rising from a civic group over sidewalk width. They really need to look at the proposed demolition of the Walnut-Market Street ramps which bring buses and people to the Penn’s Landing FRONT DOOR. It’s mad, since their concept was for people to walk to the river with street-river connections. Now proposed condos dot the land where people could gather. And taking away two lanes of gridlocked Columbus Boulevard for a trolley? And with more humans on the river, a proposal to move the Coast Guard base to the Navy Yard? Huh? (The Coast Guard lacks the money to move – IF THEY WANTED to move. The big disappointment is the much-praised river trail behind the SHEET METAL WORKERS UNION building: It comes to an abrupt DEAD END???

COUNCILMAN MARK SQUILLA, State Sens. LARRY FARNESE and Mike STACK with State Rep. Mike McGEEHAN lead the charge against implementation of the A.V.I. REAL-ESTATE TAX INCREASE Do we depopulate the city to get it going? Taxpayers who win an appeal before the Board of Revision are finding that the City is appealing the decision when based on the 18% ratio of assessment to market value…. THE PALL hangs the over Traffic Court. Three law agencies investigate ordinary people. Did we work and save for kids to get educated to see some wearing expensive-looking suits, and coiffed hair, down on people who built America? Do they subscribe to the old Hindu Sanskrit: “I am become death,the destroyer of worlds.”????

Shouldn’t the “PPA VIOLATIONS BRANCH” change its name to “CITY VIOLATIONS BRANCH”? Its tactics reflect poorly and unfairly on the Parking Authority, which has no control over it…. BARNES GALLERY is now open. The opening night, with all the cognoscenti assembled and the Mayor in the middle, it looked like a 1% event. A rumor is Nutter wants to be a Congressman when he leaves office, but I think one of the literati might get him a job.

WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT THE CITY: Councilman Bobby HENON supporting the Mayfair Fair. He also is encouraging citizens to tune in City Council sessions. YOU CAN WATCH Council live on Henon’s website: http://www.bobbyhenon.com/live-stream. He is the first 22nd Century lawmaker!… FIRE COMMISSIONER LLOYD AYERS has kicked off E.M.S. WEEK. This week honors the Emergency Medical Services folks who work hard to save lives. Appreciate them. Ayers is one of the finest city officials, along with Managing Director Richard Negrin, and Fran Burns, who streamlined L & I while Commissioner.

THOSE E.M.S. workers are overworked and understaffed, and could be paid more with service areas where they already have local perspective. Local 22 works hard to fight for them. Is the 2nd floor of City Hall listening?… HEARD from 10th Ward Party Activist Johnnie STITT. Her opinions are valued by State Reps. Dwight EVANS and Cherelle PARKER, Hon. Edgar HOWARD and Izzie FITZGERALD…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to Police Lt. Heather BERNARD. A fine lassie of a daughter has she.

MEMORIAL DAY EVENTS: State Rep. Vanessa BROWN will be at the Cornish American Legion Post for Hug-a-Vet day on the 26th…. WILDWOOD will host A Celebration of Military heroes on the 27-28th in the Convention Center and at the Vietnam Wall across the street. Overflights by Air Force and Coast Guard, music, top performers, parades, Coast Guard Rifle teams and more…. The TRADITION continues of the BRIDESBURG and PORT RICHMOND parades on the 28th. Christ Church, also on the 28th, at Ben Franklin’s Grave… And the BIG THREE on the 28th: Washington Square, Korea and Vietnam Memorials. THE MOST-UNIQUE EVENT will be a recreation of the First Memorial Day (Decoration Day) service held in Philly in 1868. It will be on Ridge Avenue at Laurel Hill Cemetery on the 27th (noon). All are invited. Refreshments will be served. It is sponsored by the Ben Franklin Post, American Legion.

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