Black GOP Block Party Rocks N. Philly Wards

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IT WAS A barbecue with a twist: voter registration and civic activism in N. Phila.

BY ANNIE HAVEY/ Yes, Virginia, there is a Republican Party and it is alive and well in North Philadelphia!

Philadelphia Republicans of Color, or PhillyROC, chaired by Lewis Harris, Jr., in a joint effort with Joe DeFelice of the Republican Party of Philadelphia, held a very successful voter-registration drive in the 47th Ward last Saturday. The drive lasted just three hours — but 67 new people from North Philly joined the Republican Party.

The event was well attended by new registrants from the 15th, 16th, 28th, 29th, 32nd and 47th Wards. New Chairman Rick Hellberg and Republican Ward Leaders Annie Havey, Jerry Brown, Mike Cibik, Robert Lawrence, Matthew Wolfe, Vicky Freeman and Arthur Barlow were in attendance as well. Committeepersons Dave Thomsen, Kevin Harris, Carol Mack and Daphne Jenkins enjoyed the festivities with Conrad, Byron and Ella Butcher from the South Philly crew!

ENJOYING EVENT were Karl Miller and Johnnie Rose Harris, among many others.

The barbecue was just another of the many Republican events sponsored by PhillyROC. Don’t want to be left out? Get involved today! More info can be found at or by calling (215) 279-7478.

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