Schmidt Investigation Alleges Illegal Voting In Primary

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City Commissioner Al Schmidt believes running an investigation of voting irregularities after each election will eventually eliminate many of the sources creating those reports.

Schmidt released a report on Tuesday afternoon, completing an investigation of primary reports of irregularities.

“We identified hundreds of cases of voting irregularities that warrant further investigation,” Schmidt said. As our investigation continues, my office will refer all such cases to the appropriate law enforcement authority. ”

His investigation found seven distinct types of voting irregularities:

1. Voting by non-registered individuals –This type of voting irregularity occurs when an individual who is not registered to vote in Philadelphia at the time of an election casts a vote. Evidence in this report shows individuals who were not registered voters at the time of the 2012 primary, yet still cast votes included in the Certified Election Results.
2. Voting by individuals in the incorrect party’s Primary– This type of irregularity is one of the most common irregularities that occur in Primary Elections in Philadelphia. A division in which all non-Democratic voters cast votes for candidates in the Democratic Primary is examined in this report.
3. Divisions with more votes than voters –This type of voting irregularity occurs when more votes are cast on the Voting Machines than voters who showed up to the polls. We examined a division where either 6 unknown voters were able to vote without signing in, or at least one person voted more than once.
4. Voting by individuals in the incorrect legislative district –This type of voting irregularity ewr4563in which the voter is registered
5. Individuals voting more than once– This type of voting irregularity occurs when a voter is able to vote more than once in the same election. Evidence in this report confirms an example of an individual who voted twice, illegally in the 2012 Primary.
6. Voter impersonation– This kind of voting irregularity occurs when one individual impersonates another and is able to vote in place of the person whose name appears in the Poll Book.
7. Voting by non-U.S. citizens –In 2012 alone, the Philadelphia City Commissioners have already been made aware of 19 non-U.S. citizens registered to vote in Philadelphia County. Seven have voted in at least one election, as recently as the 2012 Primary.
Schmidt udertook the investigation because he believes “Voting irregularities present a risk to the integrity of elections in Philadelphia County. Our core mission, to run honest elections, is undermined by illegal voting practices that alter election results and have the potential to change the outcome of close elections”.
As a result of his findings, Schmidt has recommended to his fellow commissioners they initiate a
comprehensive, manual review of all election-related documents after every election and provide a report of our findings to the public.
The Commissioners need to work with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to develop a better method for identifying the voter registrations of non-citizens voting in elections in Philadelphia County.

There is a need to end the use of Voter Slips. All voters not included in the Poll Books should vote by Provisional Ballot.

The Commissioners will assist law enforcement authorities with identifying possible cases of voter fraud.

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