Scott Cummings Announces Vice-Presidential Bid

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If Mitt Romney is looking for a Vice Presidential candidate who can double as a secret service agent, he might find the right guy in Philadelphia.

Saying that government has become too isolated from the reality most American families face today, Scott Cummings, a longtime Northeast Philadelphia resident, threw his hat in the ring for consideration as the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate

“I have watched as hard working people have struggled with the poor economy, high gas prices, a healthcare system in crisis and government policies that hurt more than they help. It’s time we sent real people to Washington. People who understand the true meaning of ‘public service.’ People who know what a loaf of bread costs. People who can identify with the problems and struggles we all face today,” said Cummings.

Scott has served as a Chief, Bench Warrant Unit, Family Court and Domestic Relations, City of Philadelphia. He has provided security services to the NFL and NHL, including Peyton Manning. He was also a security officer for pop music superstars Michael Jackson and Elton John. He is a Former Senior Corporate Investigator, Trump Taj Mahal and Casino, Former President, Mayfair Civic Association. Scott has received Certificates of Appreciation from both The White House and United States Marshall Service. He is a graduate of Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice Administration.

Scott Cummings (left) was a former security officer for Michael Jackson.

Cummings pointed to his extensive community involvement along with his experience in the international arena as the perfect mix of experience needed for this important position.
“I have spent years helping to make our neighborhoods cleaner and safer, provide recreational and learning opportunities for our children, and look after our elderly and those less fortunate.
I’ve also travelled in circles at the highest level of international diplomacy with Dr. Henry Kissinger and with one of the greatest business minds of our generation – Donald Trump.

Scott looked to Former Mayor Frank Rizzo as a mentor and spent many hours assisting his campaigns.

“I am uniquely qualified and can serve with distinction,” said Cummings.

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