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A Mighty Demonstration Unprecedented! A classic! An event long to be remembered! There are more accolades that can be added, but pictures do more to tell the story of what took place at Eakins Oval on the Parkway under the shadow of the Art Museum last Saturday as 44,000 union members gathered to demonstrate their need for a “Second Bill of Rights”. Those pictures will be found on pages 11 and 15 of this issue, a photo memorial of the magnitude of the event that drew union leaders, elected officials, and the rank and file and their families together. Clearly one can understand why Philadelphia enjoys the reputation of being a strong union town where projects go up faster and with lesser costs because of experienced, trained union workers. Commendation goes to the Philadelphia AFL-CIO and its members in the Building Trades.  Handling all the chores to insure the thousands gathered smoothly was IBEW Local 98 Business Manager John J. Dougherty. Every DC was involved. None stinted in their contribution to the event’s success. Also to be commended are those out of town unions who understood the meaning of the event, the need to demonstrate the sad economic plight in which the middle class now finds itself. And, kudos to union families, together with toddlers, who joined the march to the Parkway. They understood the rally was for them and their participation showed their gratitude someone was looking after their welfare and interest.

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