Singing All The Way To The Polls

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Do you have a photo ID to vote?

Philadelphia senior Dr. Lucille W. Ijoy has hers – and she’ll be singing all the way to the polls in November.

Dr. Ijoy has written a voter-ID rally song called: Get Your Photo ID Rock: A Musical Reminder.

She has been singing her catchy sing-a-long song at voter-ID press conferences – and at various public rallies held by Democrats, who are against the voter-ID law.

Dr. Ijoy, a former city employee and executive director at the Motivation Institute of Philadelphia, said she wrote the song to remind people to get their photo identification in time to vote in the November general election.

The 13-word song is simple and catchy to remember, with a hook: “Get Your Photo I D … I got mine.” When she sings at public forums, the audience starts singing the words with Dr. Ijoy.

Voters in Pennsylvania are required by law to show photo ID in order to legally vote in this year’s election.

The law has sparked controversy among Democrats and Republicans – especially in Philadelphia – where Democrats believe the law disenfranchises minorities.
Republicans, however, believe the law eliminates voter ID fraud.

You can see her sing here:

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