Toomey Slams Obama Over Job Numbers, National Debt

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by Rory McGlasson

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey attacked President Barack Obama the job report and the growing national debt.

At a news conference held at the Independence Visitors center, Toomey said Obama has burdened Americans with $5 trillion in new debt and 42 months of unemployment above 8 percent.

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey discusses why Americans are not better off after four years of President Obama’s failed economic policies. Toomey said Obama has burdened Americans with $5 trillion in new debt, 42 record months of unemployment above 8%, higher poverty, and doubled gas prices under his leadership at presser held at Independence Visitor Center, 6th and Market Streets. Photo by Rory McGlasson

“Pennsylvanians deserve a president with a real plan to get our economy on track and who realizes that government belongs to the people, not the other way around,” Toomey said.

As Toomey spoke upstairs on the second floor balcony, four protesters downstairs started shouting, “We are the 99 percent… Romney-Ryan are wrong for America.”
Despite the protesters, Toomey continued, pointing to a large 13-digit display of the $16 trillion national debt.
“That’s over $50,000 for every American,” Toomey said.

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