Body Language Can Predict Election Winner, Study Claims

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Can your body language forecast the November election? According to a study from the Center of Body Language it can.

Members of the Center for Body Language claim your non-verbals can predict the outcome of the presidential election, by using webcams recognizing facial expressions of people watching the candidates’ speeches. And you can be a part of it!

“Our results are surprisingly different from what the polls say, because by measuring the emotions of people watching the candidates’ speeches. We can discover what they really think and feel about them,” stated CBL’s founder Patryk Wezowski.

“The software in our independent research detects facial expressions of randomly selected people through the webcam. When people watch fragments of speeches by candidates on their computer, their facialexpressions are recorded through their webcam and then analyzed,” Wezowski explained.

People base decisions more on emotion than on logic – that’s how the power of persuasion works in politics.

The first reports about what the American people think and feel about its candidates is already available on its website at But as more data are gathered, a more-precise call will be made shortly before the election.

You can take part in the study if you have a webcam here




Here is the new code to be able to identify your readers and make separate statistics:

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