EXCLUSIVE! An Insider’s Look At Clinton’s Pitch For Kane

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DR. MANAN TRIVEDI, Democratic candidate for Congress, talks with Allan Kessler, Esq. at Warwick fundraiser for Attorney General candidate Kathleen Kane.

BOISE BUTLER, president of International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1291, caught up with Jonathan Saidel while waiting for Kane and Clinton.

CHRIS KANE, Kathleen Kane’s husband, greets former State Sen. Bob Rovner at Warwick reception.

PRESIDENT Clinton urged Kane’s supporters to get out the vote, saying, “It’s not what the polls show; it’s who shows up at the polls.”

JASON ACREE, president of IBEW Local 126, had time to talk to State Sen. Daylin Leach.

CLINTON WORKED rope line after his resounding endorsement of Kathleen Kane. (Usually no photographer is allowed this close to Democratic Party’s second-hottest property.)

PRESIDENT Bill Clinton told a large crowd of Kathleen Kane supporters because of her experience, she would be a better Attorney General on her first day in office than he had been in the same office in Arkansas.

KATHLEEN KANE, Democratic candidate for Penna. Attorney General, thanked President Bill Clinton for his guidance and his support for her campaign. Several hundred supporters of Kane attended fundraiser at Warwick Hotel. Photos by Bonnie Squires

Closeup pictures of President Bill Clinton are hard to come by. Our Contributing Editor Bonnie Squires pulled off this coup – but it was a struggle.

She even had her camera confiscated for a while – despite the fact she was a paid attendee at Democrat Attorney General aspirant Kathleen Kane’s gala fundraiser at the Radisson Plaza-Warwick Hotel Monday night.

Why the tight security? It’s not uncommon at high-roller funders’ affairs in both parties. One reason is some major donors don’t want the publicity of being seen at events with high pricetags.

Clinton is a special case, though. As the Dems’ superstar surrogate on the campaign circuit, his picture is literally worth money. One of his jobs is to take pictures with attendees. These pix are later shared with attendees – as chachkes, in return for handsome contributions.

Because you’re a Philadelphia Public Record reader, though, you get to see these photos for free.

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