CITY HALL SAM: City’s Dems Give Europeans An Election-Day Tour

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STARTING election-day luncheon tradition at Tiffany Diner in Northeast were Bob Dellavella, Christine Solomon, restaurateur Mike Driscoll, State Sen. Mike Stack and Bill Dolbow. Photo by Harry Leech

Power attorney and future judge JIM CRUMLISH III demonstrated his international connections on Election Day. He escorted a delegation of European Parliament members to observe the election process. Among them were LORD ALFRED DUBS of the House of Lords in Great Britain, HUGUES HILTPOLD and TROND HELLELAND from Switzerland and Norway respectively. The Europeans were impressed by the well-run Democratic Party organization. They spent some memorable moments with WARD LEADERS TIM SAVAGE and MIKE McALEER.

JOHN SABATINA’S progressive coalition of Ward Leaders lunched at Tiffany’s in the Northeast. Among the diners were BOB DELLAVELLA, PAT PARKINSON, BILLY DOLBOW, BERNICE HILL, FRANK CONAWAY and STATE REP. JOHN SABATINA, JR. With the strange twist in redistricting, Rep. Sabatina may have to face off against STATE REP. ED NEILSON in the next election. But don’t expect Sabatina to back down. He is well liked and has built up a significant bank account, favors and friends.

Local 98 powerhouse JOHN DOUGHERTY organized a massive labor rally for SEN. BOB CASEY at the Mayfair Diner. COUNCILMAN BOB HENON served as master of ceremonies and STATE SEN. MIKE STACK helped fire up the crowd. Among the labor leaders present were Teamsters’ DANNY GRACE, Steamfitters’ TIM McGRATH, Sprinklerfitters’ WAYNE MILLER, Laborers’ SAM STATEN, JR. and PAT GILLESPIE of the Building Trades Council. State Rep. Ed Neilson also joined the rally. The rally helped Casey, who won by 10 points in the state – but 73 points in Philadelphia.

Dougherty referred to Henon as “Mayor Henon.” That would be another headache for Northeast candidate ALAN BUTKOVITZ. Perhaps Doc was just kidding. Doc also put in significant face time at Famous Deli downtown on Election Day.

Well-respected former Ward Leader MARTY BEDNAREK laid his mother to rest at Fluehr Funeral Home. Sadly, his father passed just days later. He and wife LORI, the current 64th Ward Leader, received many VIPs at the viewing. Among them were CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY, former COUNCILWOMAN JOAN KRAJEWSKI, Ward Leaders Mike McAleer and SHAWN DILLON, and countless other well-wishers. (Highly respected labor leader JOE ASHDALE also lost his mother recently.) Among the many well-wishers at Fluehr Funeral Home was Supreme Court JUSTICE SEAMUS McCAFFERY. Also attending were CONGRESSWOMAN ALLYSON SCHWARTZ and Painters Union head HARRY WILLIAMS.

The Democratic sweep in Pennsylvania has to be unprecedented. The Democrats won with KATHLEEN KANE, EUGENE DePASQUALE and ROB McCORD and also picked up three State Senate seats in the formerly heavily Republican State Senate. Perhaps the state and the country are finally learning the Democrats have their back.

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