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The herd was not happy with the election. With a week to digest the results, this elephant is still not happy, but realizes everything is not as bad as it seemed last Tuesday.

While we did not regain the White House, we were prepared for that. We were prepared for six more years of SEN. BOB CASEY – although TOM SMITH would have been better for Pennsylvania and the country.

On the bright side, we added a Republican to the Pennsylvania delegation to Congress with KEITH ROTHFUS’ victory over Democratic CONGRESSMAN MARK CRITZ. In Washington, we kept the US House of Representatives. While we did not take control of the US Senate, the Democrats are five seats short of the key number 60. We may even add to our ranks if SEN. JOHN KERRY becomes either the Secretary of State or Defense. SEN. SCOTT BROWN might have a better chance of going back to the Senate in a special election. I believe PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA at the top of the ticket in deeply blue Massachusetts helped ELIZABETH WARREN beat Brown.

Thirty state Governors are Republican, including ours.

In Pennsylvania, we kept both the State House and Senate. We were prepared for State Treasurer Democrat ROB McCORD to garner another term. We were hoping JOHN MAHER would become the next Auditor General, but unfortunately he lost. The row-office loss we are most concerned about is Lackawanna Co. prosecutor KATHLEEN KANE’S defeat of Cumberland Co. DAVID FREED for the job of Attorney General.

At this point, I am turning my quill over to a female in (Cont. Page 30) (Cont. From Page 10) the herd to comment on Kane….

“Kane campaigned in the general election with the slogan of send a ‘Prosecutor not a Politician’ to Harrisburg. I understood why she would have used this adage in the primary against former CONGRESSMAN PATRICK MURPHY, who had limited prosecutorial experience. However, in a contest against a long-time DA who actually has more experience in the courtroom than she, this was puzzling. I had hoped this meant Kane believed her role as AG would be to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. However, a number of her other assertions indicates that she plans to be an activist AG – in another words, a politician.

“Her campaign boasted she would close the ‘Florida Loophole’, which apparently allows people who would not qualify for Pennsylvania gun-carrying permits to obtain Florida permits that respected here. The AG should uphold the law, not to legislate. Closing loopholes should be a legislative or regulatory action. She echoed a similar sentiment on her website when she noted the AG’s job is to encourage ‘responsible policy and accountability.’ Yes, the AG should hold offenders accountable. But ‘policy’ should be the purview of the legislative and executive branches of state government.

“She declared the AG is the state’s most-powerful ‘consumer advocate.’ The AG, in my opinion, should be the advocate of all victims and should not care whether they are individuals, corporations or other entities. Kane also vowed to balance the need to protect the environment with the economic advantages natural-gas extraction brings to the state. I understand the sentiment, but the AG’s job is to prosecute offenders, not to promote economic development or to act as the Sierra Club.

“She also noted the AG’s role is to pursue violators to ‘prevent harm, not just prosecute.’ Does that mean she thinks the AG is a police officer? Maybe this is the reason why she was not endorsed by the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, which she misrepresented as supporting her.

“The AG is a prosecutor. If she identifies laws that are contradictory or inadequate, she should point this out to legislators. Her job is to enforce the law and not to perform the duties of the Pennsylvania Dept. of Banking, the Consumer Advocate or the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection. The last thing Pennsylvania needs is a female ELIOT SPITZER.”

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