NEW POLLING MARVEL: Let Your Face Predict Your Vote

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A new polling method uses the webcam in your computer to tell who you’re likely to vote for.

New European technology developed by the Center for Body Language is able to measure voters’ emotions during this election cycle. They found it’s an extremely close race between Obama and Romney.

You can participate in this poll yourself by clicking on the link below.

If Obama wins, it will be thanks to the stronger emotional connection he has with his supporters and his “gentleman approach,”while Romney leads by playing strongly against his opponent.

What makes this concept different from regular polling is they use webcams to  recognize facial expressions of people watching the candidates’ speeches. In America, their study shows why the election is almost a tie, with a very slight advantage for Obama and Romney on different points.

“This election is a very close race,” stated Patryk Wezowski, the founder of the European-based Center for Body Language. “Republicans stick clearly to Romney, Democrats support Obama, and the undecided voters seem indifferent. “However, if Europeans would be allowed to vote, Obama would win.”

By measuring the emotions of people watching the candidates’ speeches, the study has collected data what voters really feel and think about the candidates. “What makes this prediction so special,” stated Kasia Wezowski of the Center for Body Language, “is for the first time in history, technology allowed us to look into human minds so far that we can detect what people feel subconsciously.”

According to recent research, people base their decision process on emotions, not logic. The Center for Body Language specializes in recognizing short and subtle facial expressions, also called ‘Micro Expressions’. These subtle movements of facial muscles have been researched over 50 years and are very reliable signs of emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust and surprise.

The large majority of independent voters turn out to be emotionally indifferent to both of the candidates; however 13% of those indifferent voters feel emotionally more connected with Obama and react with a micro-expression of disgust on Romney’s sarcastic comments. Almost 52% of independent voters find Romney’s sarcastic, Obama-denigrating humor funny.

Obama has almost double the emotional impact on people outside the USA, compared to Romney.

Many Democrats show a micro-expression of happiness that Obama ended the Iraq War — Republicans too. Nineteen percent of Democrats laugh with Romney’s speeches as with a joke. Twenty-six percent of Republicans show very strong micro-expressions of anger and disgust when seeing Obama. Some of them seem literally to hate Obama. The opposite is not the case: very few Obama’s supporters seem to “hate” Romney.

The Center’s polling is ongoing nationwide. If you have a webcam, you too can participate! Visit

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