WALKING THE BEAT: What’s The Problem With A City-Owned Casino?

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BY JOE SHAY STIVALA/ Can you make sense of the commotion from City Hall over the Casino proposal advanced by Congressman BOB BRADY? This is a good deal. The City contributes the land, no money, and owns two-thirds of the casino. BETTER than bank interest. The daily press reported the problem was the Mayor was not told of the idea until recently. Maybe the plan was still in development? He knows of it now – are his feelings hurt? If so, he was elected for all people, and has to put his personal feelings aside. I am confused as to why the CITY SOLICITOR sent a letter stating the land is for other use. HUH? Use plans have been changed. Flexibility is the KEY. She says an open, public acquisition process is needed for a casino site. So DO IT. She wrote the School District and City Pension Fund have not been notified. So NOTIFY THEM. That should not bar an application. The Home Rule Charter prevents the City from having an equity interest – so CHANGE the Charter – or come up with an authority…. The BRADY feeling it is BETTER for schools, students and pensioners to benefit instead of millionaires would pass A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE. As a child, I remember a kid saying that he was taking his toys, and not playing with me anymore. This should NOT be like that.

GOOD NEWS is Chairman of the City Trusts, Ron DONATUCCI, will explore ways to assist Girard College. The HUMMERS AND CENTRAL HIGH are happy!… THREE STRIKES: How about that article on improving S. Broad Street, where the writer likes the idea of taking two traffic lanes from Broad Street, and creating a wide-sidewalk, Parisian-type walking esplanade? This follows the earlier proposal to end I-95 at the Vine Street Expressway, and another to take two lanes from Columbus Boulevard. DUMB? The roads proposed are all GRIDLOCKED a lot of the time. Losing two lanes for an idea discussed over wine and cheese is sending motorists a message. You know what that message is!

The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication holds hearing on parking tickets. It also hears APPEALS of the same tickets! This is done in the USA? A separate appellate court is required! Stop this!… NATIONAL: In rereading The Making of the President 1968 (T. White), Mitt’s dad, George, ran for President, but faltered when he would not offer specifics to his goals. What’s past is prologue?

Election NAMES I want no more of: Eastwood, Nugent, Papa John, Rove, Schnatter, Trump. Begone!… If Romney has a plan to create 12 million jobs, then, though he lost, he is obliged to tell us how to get there!

ON MY FACEBOOK: Harry ENGGASSER, Congressional Aide who works side by side with Hon. Tom JOHNSON, had a birthday on Tuesday. Yesterday, YOUNG, suburban leader PHIL PRESS, Esq. had a birthday. Tomorrow is legendary broadcaster TRUDY HAYNES’ birthday. And on Saturday it is Pat PARKINSON’S day! The best of all good wishes to these fine folks!… CITY COUNCIL: Councilman BOBBY HENON is ON THE MOVE. (Did he ever stop?) He dedicated a refurbished RUSSO PARK on Tuesday, and worked a compromise 50-foot buffer on all waterways in the City! We really need to protect our waterways, and no one did it until now. HENON should TEACH Congress how to resolve conflicts!

How about Cory BOOKER of Newark, N.J. wanting to run against Gov Christie? He is an attractive candidate. Since CHRISTIE is riding high right now, it is DIFFICULT to see this at long range. Warren BUFFETT is already out of the gate in support of HILLARY CLINTON FOR 2016 PRESIDENT…. LEGISLATURE: The good news is State Rep. Cherelle PARKER will head the Philly DEM Delegation! State Rep. Vincent HUGHES was reelected to head of the DEM Appropriations Committee. Also good: Reps. Smith and Turzai were elected Speaker and Majority Leader respectively. So what else is new? And Rep. Vanessa BROWN reminds us to help the hungry on THANKSGIVING DAY.

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One Response to WALKING THE BEAT: What’s The Problem With A City-Owned Casino?

  1. The Republicans took over the Philadelphia Parking Authority with the intent of helping the School District. More patronage jobs were created and the funding promised to the School District never matched the intent of the takeover.

    Casinos are struggling to maintain profits in this economy. I thought that casinos were not supposed to be built within 15 miles of each other. If the city owns two-thirds of the casino and it struggles, who is responsible for funds owed to the School District? What happens when new administrations are elected?

    I see this as a ploy by a developer to put a positive spin on their proposal over the other ones. These closed-room deals are not good for the public.

    Michael E. Bell
    November 23, 2012 at 2:13 pm

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