WALKING THE BEAT: What A Mess Pa.’s Voting Was!

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COUNCILWOMAN Marian TASCO fought hard, in the runup to the presidential election, to get voter-ID ads removed – meeting stiff resistance. In the end, subliminal and overt suggestions that you would need voter ID, lost…. BLACK CAUCUS, Black Clergy, NAACP and others want the huge amount of provisional ballots counted. Voters too want to make their ballots have meaning. Commissioner ANTHONY CLARK says they WOULD be counted. Good, and thanks!

These very same groups want to see the Pennsylvania Dept. of State chief Carol Aichele sacked. State Rep. John Myers has a bill to repeal voter ID, and they want the State Attorney General-Elect KATHLEEN KANE to investigate the state electoral process. State Sen. Shirley KITCHEN noted divisions did not have enough PROVISIONAL ballots. Kitchen called for our state to modernize elections, including early voting! The Obama campaign asked for 100 more ballots in some divisions, but it was denied this by Judge Pam DEMBE…. The FAMOUS DELI now has election-day competition: TIFFANY Diner for Northeast Ward Leaders and RELISH for Northwest pols.

STREET MONEY was mostly $200 per division. I heard $175 in the 36th. One division in the 2nd reported $150…. The right language is CHANGE OF COMMAND in the City Commissioners’ office. I am told it occurred on a motion from reform member Al Schmidt. The dirty-tricks argument, the notion that the motion came from On High, and that Schmidt was expected and supposed to act in a different manner is BLARNEY. And the idea that the change brought partisanship in is baloney. The voters ELECTED Commissioners. They DO NOT select the Chair position. Then there was that belch that Anthony CLARK is a ward leader – so what! Ask persons who say this: What good have they done for their community? So much MALARKEY!

Gov. Tom CORBETT has said he is not worried over a potential investigation of the SANDUSKY AG’s office investigation. Kathleen KANE, incoming AG, is said to be considering it. No worry? Then let’s DO IT to bring closure…. BOB BRADY’S idea for a City-owned Casino makes good use of the vacated Food Center. The success of Atlantic City casinos is the ability to leave one casino and WALK to another, or other entertainment. The BRADY proposal has a casino close to the entertainment center, stadiums, racing club, and pubs along Packer & Pattison Avenues.

It was good news to hear STATE REP. Gary WILLIAMS named former State Rep. FRANK OLIVER – THE LIVING LEGEND – as a recipient of the Pioneer Awards.16th Ward Committeewoman Gwen COLLINS was a worthy recipient…. SHERIFF Jewell WILLIAMS is being praised for an eloquent eulogy he gave at services for his late brother MICHAEL. Moving indeed.

CORRECTIONS: Al Stuhl is actually a 23rd Ward Committeeman (not 2nd). I meant “SYRIA” (Afghanistan was shown) when I cautioned over US Support of rebels, since so many were Taliban. It’s best to find an acceptable man in the Palace to depose the head of state. …..Do you get WEARY of editorials that advance an issue by stomping on another not-germane area? How about: Walking Around Money (It is LONG DEAD – but actually helped a lot of civic groups)? Or: Patronage Jobs (Except when the writer’s kin needs a job?). Also: Back-Room dealmaking (That is OLD, but occurs in all professions)? How about the corrupt property-tax system? Assessments might be incorrect, yet not CORRUPT. Journalists do not always understand the issue is uniformity.

TRAFFIC COURT Judges will be elected next year. A bevy of citizens from all of our neighborhoods will run. They need not be lawyers (like district justices), and require a knowledge of the State VEHICLE CODE. I URGE candidates to study this code IN ADVANCE. Do not let critics, headline- or Pulitzer-seekers offend you. Venom-meisters, do not make this an UGLY race!… CANDIDATES could include former Sheriff BARBARA DEELEY, Community Leader AL LITTLEPAGE, civic leader Marnie AUMENT-LOUGHREY and Banker Brenda REAVIS. All good citizens.

LABOR NEWS: LOCAL 19 Sheet Metal Workers has a super website, check it out. Hurricane SANDY saw Local 98 IBEW trucks fan out to help with regional electrical problems. John DOUGHERTY, “Gorms” GORMLEY and BRIAN STEVENSON led the charge. IBEW and State Sen. Anthony WILLIAMS also used social media to keep in touch with constituents…. Two VOTER QUESTIONS were important to labor: Prop. 32 (California) would seriously curtail union ability to fund candidates and campaigns. Also, in Michigan, a proposal to make the right of COLLECTIVE BARGAINING sacrosanct.

THE MAYOR has told relevant Obama officials he is not interested in an administration job. But, was he ASKED? If the PRESIDENT calls, it is a patriotic duty NOT to REFUSE…. POLICE and FIRE shakeups, transfers and work hours are here or coming. Deputy Police Commish Kevin BETHEL is a good choice for more responsibility. Sad news is Dep. Commish Steve JOHNSON will retire! Fire Department TRANSFERS mostly seem unnecessary, while new work hours can be justified. Fire COMMISSIONER Lloyd AYERS reminds all that smoke-alarm batteries should have been changed when you moved clocks back. AYERS saluted the Philly firefighters of Task Force One and Second Alarmers who returned from Hurricane Search & Rescue, and food, blankets and water distribution. They responded to two- and four-alarm fires in Jersey City!

Mary FOGG of the ST. PATRICK’S OBSERVANCE ASSN., stated Bob GESSLER, Association President, announced that decorated former police officer Harry MARNIE will be PARADE MARSHAL of the 2013 Parade! Harry is Emerald Society Prexy, served with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, and was a US Marshal. The selection is always a citizen who has improved the quality of life in our town…. SHEAMUS BONNER ran for State Representative in Delaware Co.’s 163rd Dist. and came very CLOSE to unseating the incumbent. The Iraq War hero has a FUTURE!

State Rep. Mike McGEEHAN announced Military Awards License Tags are ready for recipients at PennDOT. Tags feature engraved medals, such as Navy Cross, Bronze Star, etc. …BIRTHDAY WISHES to JOHN DAVID, advertising ace of the Public RECORD! David, a strong, silent type, uses his body to carry his brain around. Best wishes!

CITY COUNCIL: Councilman Curtis JONES’ Emerging Leaders Reception at Maggiano’s is building to be a large legation of future city leaders!… Who is the BRAIN that designed the cookie-cutter traffic islands and corners now installed along Passyunk Avenue between 63rd  and 18th Streets? The bubble sidewalks cause vehicles to slow too greatly on a fast-moving road, inviting rear-end accidents, diverting two-way traffic into narrow road widths, and removing parking spaces. Councilman KENYATTA JOHNSON should STOP this!

VETS: State Rep. Cherelle PARKER again honored veterans with a reception! Judge John BRAXTON had to be THE eloquent speaker on Veterans Day!… LLOYD REMICK, ESQ. was Guest of Honor at a Navy-Marine ROTC Military Ball at the University of Pennsylvania. He told of experiences as an Army Officer during the CUBAN Missile Crisis and was well received! Thanks for his service!

HEALTH CARE: AARP reported $765 BILLION in wasteful medical spending – this was obscured during the campaign by the GOP. AARP tells a horror story of a healthy dad who donated a kidney to his daughter. Still healthy, he cannot get insurance from many in firms in the multi-trillion dollar industry…. RED-LIGHT CAMERAS could become obsolete, as HONDA is developing a sensor that will tell you the speed needed to make it across a green light!!!

NATIONAL: In re-reading The Making of the President 1968 (T. White), Mitt’s dad, George, ran for President, but faltered when he would not offer specifics for his goals. What’s past is prologue?… Election NAMES I want no more of: Eastwood, Nugent, Papa John, Rove, Schnatter, Trump. Begone!

If Romney has a plan to create 12 million jobs, then, though he lost, he is still obliged to tell us how to get there!… The Economist, a business newsmagazine, endorsed OBAMA. It said, “Romney’s economic plan will work only if you do not believe MOST of what he says.”

Nine of 11 states that got voter ID have GOP Governors… The Economist said Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers wasted too much time and energy on voter ID…LAST WORD: Former Vice Prez Dick CHENEY, after watching the BIDEN-RYAN debate, said of Joe Biden: “He is not one that you would like to see in the oval office.” If Cheney smokes, I will replace his brand with another brand cigarette.

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  1. How will we know which provisional ballots were counted? Would it have mattered more if President Obama had lost the election? This article has more information than Wikipedia. Wow.

    Michael E. Bell
    December 9, 2012 at 6:27 am

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