OUR OPINION: Happy New Year, Philadelphia!

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Yo Philadelphians! Time to butter

Up some rum with Michael Nutter,

Shirley Kitchen, Sharon Losier

And Brian Sims on New Year’s Day.

Bill Greenlee, Bill/Mark/Arthur Green,

Get ready to fête – Twenty-Thirteen!

REGISTER OF WILLS Ron Donatucci, left, welcomes festive holiday partiers to his affair at Galdo’s.

May Marc Stier and Mike McAleer

Both ring in a well-tuned New Year.

Karen, Blondell, Vanessa Brown

Look lovely, poised to paint this town

Red. Working on resolutions

Already is Congressman Lucien’s

Jannie Blackwell; likewise Bob Brady,

Richard Negrin and Brian Grady.

The Williamses – Jewell, Tony, Gary

And Seth – have all been making merry.

Commissioner Ramsey’s counting hits,

Commissioner Ayers has staffing fits;

City bookkeeping is the pits,

Advises Alan Butkovitz,

And his opponent Brett Mandel

Agrees this City’s bound for hell;

Even our Governor Tom Corbett

Sometimes thinks we’re beyond his orbit….

AMONG attendees at LDC 332 Holiday gala were Tony Lewis, Board of Revision; James Harper, Local 413 business manager; Christine Hope, Esq.; Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell; Sam Staten, Jr., Local 332 business manager; and Barbara Deeley, former Philadelphia Sheriff. Photo by Joe Stivala

Don’t let them faze you. Gaze instead,

Full of bright hope, at the year ahead.

Rick Hellberg and Vito Canuso

Can each sing sweetly as Caruso

With Malik Boyd and Steven Boc,

With Cathy Scott and Johnny Doc –

But au revoir, Thomasine Tynes;

We’ll miss your thoughtful Auld Lang Synes.

Happy New Year to Sam Staten,

Jr. and Sr., and Tony Payton!

May Sharif, Milton and John meet

In peace, parading on Broad Street,

Where Ron and Maria Donatucci

Also should try to show some Gucci.

PROMOTING Omar Sabir for Traffic Court at Manayunk gala were host Ryan Boyer, Sierra Street, Timika Lane, Omar Sabir, Dwayne Lilly and Tracey Gordon. Photo by Leona Dixon

Happy New Year to Mike McGeehan,

Mike Stack and Counsel Mike Meehan.

Both Ed Coryell and Al Schmidt

Think Twenty-Thirteen could be a hit.

One thing is clear: that Angel Cruz

In Twenty-Thirteen cannot lose.

Unions next year will still be keen on

Folks like Bob Heenan and Bob Henon.

Wishing you Prospero Año Nuevo,

Maria Quiñones Sánchez and Dave Oh!

On New Year’s Eve, we’d like to ramble

Down Memory Lane with Sonny Campbell

And music legend Kenny Gamble.

COUNCILMAN BOBBY HENON is full of yuletide glee as he talks with FOP president John McNesby. Photo by Rory McGlasson

Nobody needs a heart like Lincoln’s

To wish good luck to Carol Jenkins.

Nobody needs to hire a lawyer

To give season’s greetings to Ryan Boyer;

Nor will yous suffer divine wrath, yous

Guys, if yous toast the great Pete Matthews!

Happy New Year to Donna Laws

And the whole family of Fattahs.

Good luck to each St. Hubert’s Bambi,

Equally Pamela Prior Dembe;

And may all angels in the heavens

Smile upon our State Rep. Dwight Evans.


Agnes Tilley and Joe Barilli,

Also Barb and Lisa Deeley,

We don’t think you’re acting silly

When you show you care about Philly.

Chris Robinson, Cheri Honkala,

We yearn to hear your friendly holler

(Along with ole Omar Sabir)

Early and often, this New Year,

As always. Be, then, of good cheer.

And any friends we may have missed –

We’ll save for next year’s Christmas list.

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One Response to OUR OPINION: Happy New Year, Philadelphia!

  1. Thank you! This is very nice. I wish Jim and his able staff a healthy and happy New Year. You guys did such a great job on the South Philadelphia High School historical marker story!

    Josephine Pappalardo
    December 27, 2012 at 4:25 pm

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