WALKING THE BEAT: How About A Nun For Traffic Court?

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BY JOE SHAY STIVALA/ I HOPE your New Year’s Day was a GOOD ONE! Wasn’t it great not to hear from GRINCH investigators and PULITZER-seeking dweebs over the holidays? If they were unhappy keeping quiet, and having to look only into their own hearts; then rest assured, they would look elsewhere very soon — like at judge or Commissioner…. I read the PUBLIC RECORD feature: “A Factual Look At the Much-Touted, Expensive CHADWICK REPORT.” “Touted” by whom? It’s garbage. WHY DO we taxpayers HAVE TO PAY for it? The Chief Justice ordered the probe; let him find a way to pay for it. LET HIM run for retention “touting” the cost of it.

I talked with a North Philly Ward Leader over the holidays about the Traffic Court conundrum. He wondered what the so-called government-by-press-release reformers wanted in a judge of that court. “Maybe a NUN SHOULD RUN,” he theorized. I laughed it off, then thought again. WHY NOT! Accordingly, I nominate and encourage Sister James Anne FEERICK, I.H.M. Really. A lovely, smart person. She was 2011 Parade Marshal of the St. PATRICK’S Parade, and was cheered by many thousands as she walked up the Ben Franklin Parkway, And picture the daily media perplexed at finding nothing in the closet but integrity.

The story recently broke that Mel HEIFETZ gave $1 million to the Obama campaign. HAL ROSENTHAL, Esq. told us two months ago. If OBAMA wants to hire someone from Philly based on votes brought out for him, or money donations, or enthusiasm, or symbolic reasons – then the list of PROSPECTS should be as follows: (1) Bob BRADY, (2) Mel HEIFETZ, (3) Pat EIDING and Johnnie DOC, (4) Kathy HUGGINS and Dave SHADDING, (5) Mike NUTTER…. The DEMS made hay describing the release of GOP lawmakers to go home for the holidays, instead of working on resolution. Polls blame the GOP for the runup to a compromise mess.

GREAT PEOPLE are having birthdays – it is a gift to have them around us for 2013! Lynn FARRELL has hers on the 7th. Then resolute Chris BRENNAN on the 10th. Incredible Councilman BOBBY HENON is on the 11th. Rosanne PAUCIELLO of Ward 39 is on the 17th!… CORRECTION: Lovely Tuti EDWARDS, extraordinary civic and political leader; took the Register of Wills holiday-party photos in last week’s Public Record. Tuti, of Ward 11, has a New Year’s resolution for more computer time.

So many rumors circulate around real-estate expert and consultant Joe RUSSO. One has him as a candidate for 1st Ward Leader, another for Traffic Court judge…. EVER GET those letters with your Xmas cards outlining what the sender did for that year? The best is from the world’s leading wry wit, and former Navy jet pilot, Mike SEIDER, of East Falls and Virginia! Holiday Best wishes to his lovely Navy daughter doing the nation’s work in an undisclosed location.

ANOTHER VET I wish well is 94-year-old Cedric Melidosian who once ran the VA in Philly, and went on to big VA tasks in Washington. (Mel uses his body to carry his brain around.) He completed a report for Congress on improving VA care to disabled vets – just two years ago!! He divides his year between East Falls, Arizona and Guatemala…. A lot of good retired war vets passed in December: Sen. Dan INOUYE, Gen. Norm SCHWARZKOPF and Charles DURNING. If you ever heard Durning’s talk on the PBS Memorial Day concert from Washington, you are moved. He was in on the D-Day Landings. The action in his talk can be partly viewed in Saving Private Ryan. Perfect Peace to three Patriots!

The Mayor says YOUR A.V.I. REAL-ESTATE TAX INCREASE is about fairness. How can fairness be CRUSHING, as Councilman Jim KENNEY notes (?). It NOT about fair; it is ABOUT MORE MONEY. The BRT used to value properties without a view to meeting City spending plans. Then they ganged up and destroyed the BRT, so they now can raise tax revenue to meet spending goals. Say areas of NORTH PHILLY are valued at 6% to 25% of actual value, and AVI values at 100%. Do you see an increase looming? Do you still think you get a reduction?… When you go to a parking hearing at the CITY B.A.A., at 9th & Filbert, and park outside, you can only pay to park for ONE HOUR! The WAIT for your hearing can take OVER an hour. You could get a ticket. BAA used to give you an hour or two of FREE parking upstairs in the PPA Garage. Now, you can pay to park, and be found GUILTY. So the City gets your money TWICE!

PROTHONOTARY Joe Evers, please make a New Year resolution to administratively REDUCE the filing fee for a parking-ticket appeal to Common Pleas Court from a WHOPPING $189 to the $35 level of Traffic Court. It is not due process when $189 will deter ordinary people from seeking an appeal for tickets of lesser, equal or higher amounts. You can do it pending legislative remedy. Equity demands a fair and reasonable fee for ordinary people, not the MASSIVE $189… THERE is something strikingly different about Gov. CHRISTIE. Notice it since Hurricane SANDY? The bluster is gone. A caring guy seems to emerge. So far, he is a winner for reelection.

WISH that the same revelation could have occurred to Gov. CORBETT. In decades, I have never seen a so clearly out-in-the-open PRO-BUSINESS Governor, while cuts and more cuts are made to programs for the needy. “Are there no workhouses, no poorhouses?” (Ebenezer Scrooge) has not been heard, though…. That article on our mayoral cussing was such a LIGHT tap on the wrist, that some say it proves the Mayor is the media’s darling. The closing of the PORN palace at 2200 Market Street means development of that gateway area can proceed.

The City must ensure that ADDITIONAL PARKING for Fire Dept. personnel is PART of the plans! For too long there have been issues with neighbors over fire equipment and fireman POVs. Our visit to a fire station in New York City which was embedded in a highrise proves it can be done. Managing Dir. Richard NEGRIN, please look into this.

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