Weccacoe… Where Parade Ends

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WECCACOE CDC Community Liaison Fred Druding, Jr. joined Third & Ritner Hair Designs proprietor Tricia Lassiter in welcoming Mummers to Two Street judges stand.

CHARLIE MCKENNA and his Riverfront Mummers always entertain Two Street crowd.

UNDER tutelage of icon Mummer “Pop Bryson”, Bryson NYB performs in front of Two Street judges.

CWA’S Ed Mooney and Local 98’s George Stewart were among those in this picture who marched with Pirates NYB.

JOE HOWLETT, JR.’s Saints NYB continues its family tradition as Matt Boyd marches with his 2-year-old son Sonny.

JAMES “FROGGY” Carr’s Tommy West and Kevin Kinkel stop at Two Street Judges Stand to wish Dan “Spider” McCallion a Happy New Year.

O’MALLEY PRESIDENT John Burke always makes sure his club marches down Two Street.

TWO GENERATIONS of Jon Fagleys, Jr. & Sr., strutted down Two Street in 2013.

STRING BANDS made their way down to Two Street judges stand, including Pennsport String Band which brought delight to neighboring Whitman residents.

TWO STREET Judges Bud Zarnowski and Weccacoe CDC Director Frank Cuthbertson flank former South Philadelphian Kelly Wilson who flew in from Seattle to be part of the Two Street festivities.

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One Response to Weccacoe… Where Parade Ends

  1. The Wench Brigade Association would like to thank Fred Druding, Tricia Lassiter and all of Whitman for welcoming us. Great Job.

    Chalie McKenna
    January 3, 2013 at 7:26 pm

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