CITY HALL SAM: Behind The Scenes At Dems’ State Committee Mtg.

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JUDGE JOE WATERS had one mission this past weekend: Get the endorsement of Democratic State Committee. Mission accomplished.

The quarterly gathering of State Committee took place amid the remnants of a snowstorm at the Hershey Lodge.

A late entry to the race for Superior Court predictably emerged. Also predictable was that the challenger was from the West. Many insiders thought the Committee would decide to not endorse. But CHAIRMAN BOB BRADY was able to lead the Philadelphia Delegation and then the majority of other voters to endorse Waters. It remains to be seen if the West will deliver the votes like Philadelphia surely will.

Staffers for CONGRESSWOMAN ALLYSON SCHWARTZ gave out free drink coupons at the State Committee reception. This led some pundits to proclaim she’s absolutely running for Governor. In fact, Montgomery Co. CHAIR MARCEL GROEN said, “She’s absolutely 80% sure she is running.”

But why would she? She would have to resign her very-important post as House Democratic Campaign Committee’s Finance Chair. She’s on the fast track to leadership. Or she could run against US SEN. PAT TOOMEY. But all of these things go overboard if she gets into the Governor’s race. City Hall Sam thinks she is using the opportunity to float her name to raise even more money.

STATE SEN. MIKE STACK is considering a run for Governor and utilized his grassroots style to shake every hand he could. Many delegates commented that he “looked like a Governor.” One chairwoman pointed out that Stack “could not only win the primary but get the moderate votes to actually beat Corbett.”

ROB MCCORD, the State Treasurer, was his usual affable self and made a nice speech in addressing the delegates. ED RENDELL is a fan of TOM WOLF. Wolf is considering a run for Governor and since he’s very rich, he may be able to self-fund. But look what happened to TOM SMITH who self funded in the Senate race against Bob Casey. Tom who?

DEMOCRATIC 56th Ward Leader John Sabatina, Sr hangs out with canny crimina-defense lawyer Arnie Silverstein at his son John Sabatina, Jr’s fundraiser at Ladder 15 last night.

Back in Philadelphia, ALAN BUTKOVITZ kicked off his reelection campaign. It was a nice turnout, but it could have been better had VP JOE BIDEN not come to town to talk guns. The VP took a lot of the media and CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY. But Bucko still drew JOHN DOUGHERTY, PAT GILLESPIE, SHERIFF JEWELL WILLIAMS, COUNCILWOMAN MARIAN TASCO, labor leader HENRY NICHOLAS, and WARD LEADERS JOHN SABATINA, BILL DOLBOW, BOB DELLAVELLA and MATT MYERS.

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