Comcast A Problem? Here’s Where To Beef

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The City of Philadelphia and Comcast have begun the cable franchise renewal process. A cable franchise enables the franchise holder to use the City’s “right-of-ways” for an agreed term of years to operate its system and deliver cable service.

In 2015, the City of Philadelphia’s current 15-year cable-television franchise agreement with Comcast Cable will expire. Comcast holds a franchise for each of the four franchise areas in the City, covering all of Philadelphia. Verizon has joined the process, seeking cable rights for the city.

As a part of the negotiations of the franchise renewal, the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology is seeking community feedback on residents’ experiences with and services by Comcast to assist and inform OIT during the renewal negotiation period.

“We look forward to hearing from and working with the residents of Philadelphia throughout the franchise-renewal process. Our goal is to make sure that franchise agreements provide for the current and future cable-related needs of the community,” said Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid. “The City has a decades-long relationship with Comcast and we anticipate working cooperatively with them throughout the renewal process.”

That statement seems to indicate the City is already rolling out a red carpet with little to expect in the way of changes. But the magnitude of complaints which drove many to DirecTV and other internet services must tell a tale deserving some response from the City to Comcast. In case you need to reapair  the internet service by yourself, go to the login page to check the configuration.

Feedback can be submitted online at or via email to Citizens can also submit comments by leaving a voicemail at (215) 686-8125 or by mail to: Cable Franchise Authority,Attn: Mark McLaughlin, Cable Television Administrator, City Hall, Room 702, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

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