House Committee Approves AVI Relief

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House Urban Affairs Committee approved legislation to give tax relief to Philly homeowners affected by AVI.

State Rep. Cherelle Parker (D-Northwest), who is chairwoman of the Philadelphia Delegation, said the bills  represent months of collaboration among members of the House and Senate delegations, the Nutter administration and city council.

Parker said the Delegation “recognized the need to do more for the many city homeowners where homestead relief would not be enough. The commonsense legislation approved by the committee today is a positive step toward providing even-greater relief to residents as they transition to the new rates under the Actual Value Initiative.”

The legislation, known as the Philadelphia Delegation Property Tax Relief Package & cleared by the committee today, includes:

HB 388, introduced by Parker, would give all counties additional authority to collect delinquent property taxes in a more timely and cost efficient manner. Local governments would be authorized to place liens on real property under common ownership in Pennsylvania when at least one is delinquent in the taxes owed to the home municipality. When the property-owner attempts to sell any of his/her property located within the Commonwealth, the lien would have to be satisfied.

HB 390, introduced by State Rep. Mike O’Brien (D-Kensington), would provide relief for people who have lived in their homes for decades but who may not have the resources to pay their increased tax bill, such as the elderly on fixed incomes. Under the bill, Philadelphia would have the authority to use age and financial need when considering relief for long-term owner-occupants, often referred to as gentrification relief, just as every other county in the Commonwealth can do.

HB 391, introduced by State Rep. Mike McGeehan (D-Northeast), would give Philadelphia the ability to provide eligible homeowners with the option to make property tax payments in periodic installments.

“With the assistance and support of Mayor Nutter and Council President Darrell Clarke, we were able to create legislation that will benefit all Philadelphians and lessen their property tax burden,” Parker said. “The Delegation will continue to work together to secure the passage of this much-needed legislation.”

The bills now move to the full House for consideration.

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2 Responses to House Committee Approves AVI Relief

  1. I’m requesting to be notified when decisions on bills HB388, HB390 and HB391 are confirmed.

    Carole Maxwell-Reaves
    May 4, 2013 at 1:09 pm

  2. Dear carol,

    The best way to track these bills is with the offices of the lawmakers who introduced them.

    editor @pr
    May 6, 2013 at 7:58 am

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