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The Internal Revenue Service is the most-feared instrument of the federal government. The revelation it had focused its attention with the intention to punish select tax-exempt groups because of their political opposition to the president’s agenda, demands heads roll … and only IRS heads, their apologies notwithstanding.

We need to know when congressional hearings will begin. To quote others as incensed as we are, “An independent prosecutor is necessary unless the Congress is willing to take the lead.” We have watched how the FBI has used the IRS to batter targets into submission time and again. Will this never end?

One solution could be a panel picked by a lottery of taxpayers from each income category to set policy and oversee why and how the IRS spins its webs against individuals and groups. The FBI investigating its partner, the IRS, is one big joke.

When have the main daily newspapers in Western Pennsylvania, particularly those covering Allegheny and Westmoreland Cos., ever endorsed a Philadelphian for judicial office? Seldom, if ever. They represent their geographical readership….

A simple fact of political life the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board fails to understand.

How could they not endorse Judge Joe Waters for Superior Court? We have the feeling someone with a vested interest in Western Pennsylvania politics is steering the Inkie’s editorial policies.

Judge Waters needn’t worry, though; the Inkie endorsements seldom appear in the winners’ column.

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One Response to OUR OPINION: Busting The IRS – & The Inquirer

  1. This story is old news. The “Tea Party” targeting is just a ploy. The IRS has been targeting people, groups, churches, organizations for years as evidenced by the hundreds of IRS employees convicted of doing just that, using and targeting individuals with the powers of IRS computer access when not warranted.

    It’s only now the FBI is separating itself because many of the hacked IRS accounts involved issuing “bankruptcy” or third-party creditors to screw up the person’s taxes.

    Why? This is how property, banks accounts were seized, properties get phony liens and stolen or illegally foreclosed with help of IRS employees sending seizure letters to people. Prime example of disgruntled IRS employee targeting: http://www.justice.gov/tax/txdv10839.htm

    May 16, 2013 at 3:53 pm

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