WALKING THE BEAT: Just An ‘Opportunity To Serve’

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EVERY ward leader’s “four-legged friend”, Public Record’s roving reporter Joe Shay Stivala greets Common Pleas aspirant Anne Marie Coyle at Jazz Brunch.

EVERY ward leader’s “four-legged friend”, Public Record’s roving reporter Joe Shay Stivala greets Common Pleas aspirant Anne Marie Coyle at Jazz Brunch.

I read an editorial that calls for the abolition of Traffic Court – meaning the 40 candidates now running for office would be running for nothing. I would call that item reprehensible. The 40-some are spending their money to run. State Rep. Curtis Thomas, before the House Judiciary Committee, asked to give the candidates an “opportunity to serve” and not “destroy faith in the electoral process.” The article did make a BRILLIANT DEDUCTION, however, when it noted most of the candidates would lose – since there are only three openings. As to a winner who owes or owed tickets, or has a shady background, it is up to the courts NOT TO SEAT THE PERSON. This is a flaw in the law, not the court. A flaw that the editorials should have called for repair of. WHY HAVE THEY NOT? In an OPEN SOCIETY, it takes no special courage to write an editorial. The author is faceless and nameless. And do we know if the writer lives in the city, and pays real-estate tax here – or takes the train in from Narberth – to tell us what to think?

In the BAA at 9th & Filbert, you can sign up for a payment plan for tickets owed. You go into the room on the right and get started with a CLERK. The form has the amount owed, but NOT the monthly payment from your account. In order to get to the next step, you must sign that you understand the agreement terms. But the terms include the monthly deduction; yet you must sign before you know the amount. Once signed, you go next door to the Adjudication Branch to learn the amount deducted from your checking or savings account. (It might be too much for you to spare monthly)…. A very-inefficient system which should be done ALL AT ONCE in the payments branch. YO Catherine PASTEUR, deputy finance director, and Jeremiah Connor: Maybe we should read the Uniform Commercial Code to make a kinder plan (?). And if you are poor and have no checking or savings, you can’t have a payment plan from BAA? Did Ebenezer Scrooge design that?

JOHN BERNARD did us proud by his promotion to detective. A great cop, held in high respect, got a great reception in Maggie’s on the Delaware. Best wishes!! A special “get well” to Vet Leader HAROLD FISHER of Levittown. Without Harold, we never would have built the VETS HOME on Southampton Road…. A super retired cop, “Big Hank” VANNELLI is working on getting well. He is just 88 years young. Wally LITTLEWOOD, hero of the Japanese attack on USS Bunker Hill, turned 90 years young. Wally’s company has maintained loyalty to the city for 150 years and not moved out, despite river flooding.

JOE DRISCOLL, WW2 Hero, turned 89. His sons Joe and Mike of Finnigan’s Wake, worship the guy – and rightly so. HAROLD ROSENTHAL, Esq., perennial human rights campaigner, has a birthday; yet Hal and lovely wife Sue are ageless. They are now off to Israel. Mike FERA celebrates a birthday. The former leader of city CEMENT MASONS is spotted by me really enjoying retirement, when I walk the dog. Mike’s dog is named after his favorite cheese. Public Relations giant FRANK KEEL is wished a happy birthday – a really down-to-earth professional. No snob is he…. On FACEBOOK was a fine tribute to Fire Capt. Goodwin and all first responders by Congressman Bob BRADY.

State Rep. Mark COHEN leads again with a proposal to legalize civil/gay unions in our state. It stands out, because Pennsylvania is always light-years in catching up with the country…. I was happy to hear State Attorney General Kathleen KANE wants a legislative vote on the LCB sale. Local 1776 is mounting a big media campaign against the sale. One study said more liquor will be sold if we had private liquor stores. REALLY. Who wants the potential for more DUIs? The state GOP is seeing the light when they say no rush to judgement is in order! Councilwoman Marian TASCO spoke of a new Governor next term during her Jazz Brunch. The applause was thunderous, almost lifting the roof at THE VIEW Restaurant at 800 N. Broad. So many seem to want CORBETT out! Including maybe some 115,000 Pennsylvanians knocked off food stamps…. An aside is that 800 N. Broad Street was once a courthouse, and The View was the president judge’s office.

The recent press story about bike enforcement and bike lanes is needed! It seems the LEGACY of the NUTTER years will be bike lanes and grass-covered areas. But the ECONOMIST did not give Philly such good marks in employment gain when comparing American cities…. And thanks to Councilman Wilson GOODE, who spoke of holding up pay raises to non-union City workers while the Firefighters award is not PAID.
IATSE 8 Stagehands seem to have been hurt during peaceful protest (?). In the birthplace of Liberty?… After 39 years, Local 19 Sheet Metal Workers went on strike. Let’s back them!

PHILLY LABOR’S website again featured THE PUBLIC RECORD…. JOHNNY DOC’S new motorized RAT-Mobile is a sensation! This means increased mobility in labor disputes.

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