WALKING THE BEAT: Yes, Philly Can Handle A Political Convention!

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When Judge IDEE FOX ruled in the Firefighters matter, it wasn’t a split decision as the Mayor thinks. The arbitration side of the issue is scheduled to be heard in September in a higher court…. The mayoral concern over security at the proposed Democratic National Convention is Philly is unreal (?). The proposal by Congressman BOB BRADY is a sound one. There did not seem to be a big welcome for the BRADY plan for the next casino’s sharing revenues with schools and the underfunded City pension fund, though. Is this reluctance because he did not think of it first?

The letter to the editor by John DOUGHERTY, Local 98 Business Manager, was the true mayoral STATE OF THE CITY address…. You read of the sidewalk the City could not fix because there is no “mechanism for the City to do the sidewalk.” Well, CREATE A MECHANISM then! Some of the sidewalk work the City does around inlets seems like deferred maintenance. Many filled potholes are not the smooth-surfaced types we are used to, but a pock-marked brew of “lunar” craters. Water might be able to enter it. So if it is cheaper, it won’t last as long. And will the next Mayor get a big capital-repair bill?

Does the City Assessment Office keep a record of CAST-OUT SALES? Sales are used to determine your home value. If they are too high or too low, they are “cast out.” High sales (new or time-adjusted) that are not cast out might increase your TAX BILL. If the fifth-largest city does NOT have a record of these sales – then why not? Attention, City Controller ALAN BUTKOVITZ. Please audit…. P.S. Do you recall seeing the FORMULA used to A.V.I.-VALUE YOUR HOME? I think I heard City Council ask for it – maybe twice (?).

The DA’S Office was featured in the news over the seizure of “crime” houses. They seem to be MORE AGGRESSIVE than when Judge Michael ERDOS ran it. The owner of a rental property was URGED to remove a business tenant who had been arrested. They should have WAITED for the trial outcome, since you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY in America…. The DA’s Diversionary Court concept is commendable, but programs of this kind are TOO FEW. We need some new ones from THE D.A.! The Black Clergy has charged that too many convictions create a city of unemployables. (The same persons can be court-ordered to find a job!) If we are statistics-driven to maximize convictions, then how many taxpayers will be left to pay the pensions of the judges and DA?

Reagan to Carter: “There you go again–” ANOTHER article on Vince FUMO at home? It feels like a subliminal effort to persuade officials to send Vince to the Halfway House they trumpeted when Fumo was en route. They cite the reckoning of prosecutors; but in the USA a JUDGE decides on a sentence and restitution. The critics reckoned Fumo used other people’s money (OPM). The prosecutors did also: Your taxpayer dollars. Some say they spent $24-40 million on the case (?). No one asked your consent (for the $4 million crime?) Leaving Vince FUMO at home SAVES THE TAXPAYER MONEY! To the Fumo detractors: Please run for a public office! Or heed the Command of Isaiah: “Loose thy bonds and let the oppressed go free….” Now legislation to cut the number of state representatives MUST ALSO include a cut in STATE SENATORS. Equity demands it.

Hats Off to the Ancient Order of HIBERNIANS and their chapters in Philly under the leadership of JOE FOX. The AOH is becoming the KEY ELEMENT in feeding the homeless! AOH needs volunteers to feed homeless at ST. JOHN’S HOSPICE…. PETE WILSON, leader of the 6th Ward, is a winner in his FIRST effort. Pete was consultant to the successful SIERRA STREET judicial campaign!

39th Ward Leader Roseanne PAUCIELLO quashed rumors she would step down…. The crew that assured me they are NO LONGER attempting to oust a ward leader – are back at it. That ward leader took over a stagnant ward and rebuilt it, but stands accused of disrespect for fellows appearing pure on the exterior. It reminds me of Goodman Brown in the Old Manse tales where darkest truths take over.

How about the expert who said, “I think” voter ID is best. He thinks? That is zero substance…. Perfect PEACE to John “Jake” BRADLY who passed. Lovely wife WINNIE was at his side. We will see Jake again one day, before God.

Former DA Lynne ABRAHAM paid tribute to the late Ward Leader Frank DILLON. She said he was a “legend and very smart.” ABRAHAM noted Francis was “a straight shooter….” AUG. 23RD will be a great day for birthdays: Linda HALL, now retired from the Tax Review Board, celebrates. So does State Rep. Ed NEILSON, who is pro-manufacturing in Philly; as well as Kenlyn BROWN, Chief Advocate of Pine Forge School. BEST WISHES from The Public Record!!

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