WALKING THE BEAT: Are Mayor’s Travels Profiting Philadelphia?

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BY JOE SHAY STIVALA/ DID YOU READ where the Mayor is taking another trip? Is this his second or third? I never heard of any new commerce coming from the last trip (?). I remember serving on a board when it was decided to attend a seminar. The identical program was offered in the Philly area – and San Diego. Which did we vote to attend?… Did you read where the Deputy Mayor defended his legal-defense plan? DID YOU EXPECT OTHERWISE? UPSTATE, they used to call a person or thing a STINKER. This plan might just qualify for that description.

Brandon MLODINSKI is the FIREFIGHTER of the Year. Hats off for the seven-year vet…. CBS is reported to have learned of 39 pieces of firefighting equipment that are out of service. I wrote about the MAINTENANCE of Fire Dept. EMS equipment last week. One unit is reported to have lost two wheels when responding to a call.

THE PEW POLL is saying Philadelphians think the new property-tax system is less fair. OF COURSE! No poll is required for that conclusion. The First Level Review appears to have kept the number of appeals to the Board of Revision, low. This is WIN THREE. The first was AVI sailing through CITY COUNCIL. The second was no DEMAND to see the A.V.I. FORMULA. The third was the first-level review thing. When reviewing this, I think of the old WW2 Navy movies where the ship captain says, “MAKE SMOKE….” The Columbus Day event was spectacular. Much credit goes to Councilman Mark SQUILLA. I was in GALWAY, Ireland, a few years back standing on a pier, when I found a plaque stating Columbus had stood at that point to observe the wave action. It was a SURPRISE. HOW THE IRISH INVADED CANADA is going to be a great presentation before the Ben Franklin American Legion Post in the Union League on the 21st. FENIAN attacks on Canada occurred during the presidency of Andrew Johnson.

Hats off to Judge Rose Marie DeFINO-NASTASI for declaring a new trial for two inmates, after a look at the evidence used to convict. I heard of the INVERSE happening in another courtroom…. CITY CONTROLLER Alan BUTKOVITZ got well-deserved praise when he acted quickly on complaints from North Philly residents about a structurally compromised home. That is MAYORAL MATERIAL.

The Last Police Chiefs meeting featured the jokes of Joe CONKLIN…. The golf tourney in memory of the late police office Gunny LeCLAIR was again a success according to LT. Heather McCready BERNARD.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mike PODGORSKI, working hard for the State Senate. Also to Kathy BOOCKVAR, Chief Counsel to the State Auditor General. And to John DEL RICCI, keeping the PA Turnpike safe. Gov.Tom CORBETT wants to copy an Arkansas Health Plan. WHY? I read where too few folks have health insurance in some southern states…. UNION MEMBERS are demonstrating at GOP elected official offices to reopen the government. They also are at rallies for full Philly school funding. STEELWORKERS held a protest rally at Crown Holdings.

15 LABOR UNIONS and 40 vocational and education institutions will participate in State Rep. Cherelle PARKER’S Vocational Summit on 10/26. State Rep. Vanessa BROWN and the DA will host a women and children Safety Summit on the 19th. State Rep Steve KINSEY is Medicare enrollment seminar…. The Big DINNER for District Council 33 leader PETE MATTHEWS went very well! A citation from the Mayor arrived, and some members said, “Tear it up!”

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