PPA Pioneers Parking For Scooters, Motorcycles

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MOTOR SCOOTERS AND CYCLES will be given special designated parking spaces and rights under new Phila. parking Authority initiative.

MOTOR SCOOTERS AND CYCLES will be given special designated parking spaces and rights under new Phila. parking Authority initiative.

In announcing new parking options for scooters and motorcycles which will begin on January 6, 2014, Philadelphia Parking Authority Exec. Dir. Vince Fenerty said, “The PPA is committed to supporting and improving all transportation modes which contribute to the vitality and quality of life in our city.

“Providing safe and secure parking options for scooters and motorcycles is consistent with the PPA’s mission to improve access, create greater mobility and increase vehicular and pedestrian safety,” Fenerty said.

In announcing the new initiatives, Fenerty commended “local scooter and motorcycle owners for their quick reaction in bringing their issues to PPA’s attention.”

He also asked for public input and suggestions on ways to improve and accommodate scooter and motorcycle parking in the city. He asked residents to “please communicate with the PPA via our Facebook page and on Twitter @PhilaParking and give us your comments, suggestions and ideas on how we can improve service.”

Fenerty praised City Council Members Mark Squilla and Kenyatta Johnson for “all of their hard work in helping the PPA to bring about these changes for scooter and motorcycle owners.”

The key initiatives will include the following:

1.) The installation “parking corrals” in existing designated scooter and motorcycle zones. The parking corrals will provide an option for securely locking scooters and motorcycles. PPA hopes to have the parking corrals fully installed by early spring of 2014.

2.) The installation of additional designated scooter and motorcycle zones, based on input from the public.

3.) Two new payment options for scooters and motorcycles utilizing the designated zones, which will include a “virtual permit” and a scooter/motorcycle day pass.

4.) The introduction of a new rule permitting scooters with a residential parking permit to park on the sidewalk in front of their home.

5.) The introduction of a $5 daily parking rate for scooters and motorcycles at specific PPA locations.

6.) Until residential parking permits for scooters are available in January, PPA will permit parking scooters on the sidewalk against the building in a manner that does not block pedestrian access on residential blocks. Motorcycles are still prohibited from parking on any sidewalk and scooters may not park on any sidewalk on a commercial block.

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