OUT & ABOUT: Are White People Really The Answer?

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BY DENISE CLAY/ Let’s talk about the solution that is White People.

Because doing so is often a depressing experience, I usually make it a point to avoid the “comments” section on any story I read on the internet, especially if that story is about crime, financial issues in the city, or just about anything else that requires anything other than self-righteousness.

But when I read the article “Apocalypse New Jersey”, a Matt Taibbi piece from Rolling Stone magazine that has the co-headline of “Dispatches from America’s Most Desperate Town” I made the mistake of going on to the comment section, because as a native of Southern New Jersey, Camden is of interest to me … and so are reactions to stories about it.

Camden is kind of South Jersey’s “bogeyman”, for want of a better way to put it. It’s that place your parents tell you to avoid. It’s that “scary” place you don’t go to because the minute you cross into the city limits, you’re gonna get shot….

That’s kind of what my parents used to tell me about Philadelphia … I’ve lived here since 2000 with only a car break-in on my police blotter, but that didn’t stop my Mom from calling me every time she saw someone in Philly murdered on “Action News”.

Admittedly, there are bad things going on in many large cities. There’s a lack of work, but not a lack of crime. Their school districts are in trouble due to a lack of funding. Heck, the folks in Detroit have no control over any of their governmental functions, kind of like Philly and its schools.

But while politics plays a big part in what these cities are going through, most of the folks who comment on stories that talk about city problems have a laser focus on the politicians in the cities themselves.

If you read these comments, all of these cities are run by corrupt, stupid people of color who want to keep residents on “Democrat welfare” and encourage them not to work. And these problems can be solved by the simple act of turning the city over to hardworking, white Republicans like them.

I’m not even going to get into how racist that is. But I will note these folks aren’t considering all of the politics at play when it comes to cities. While cities have municipal governments of their own, they are also subject to the whims of their state governments.

In Philadelphia, for example, while such things as our tourism and sports teams provide a large chunk of tax revenue to a state that would have to rely on the Farm Show if it weren’t for us, the Commonwealth, the run-by-Republicans Commonwealth, tends to want to send that money in the form of tax cuts to folks who already have enough money of their own – like natural-gas companies.

I’d like to give a message to my fellow city residents: Don’t believe this hype. It’ll save you a lot of agita.

And it might even allow you to educate some of your Hardworking Republican friends to the fact that most of the brown people in cities aren’t lazy and shiftless.


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One Response to OUT & ABOUT: Are White People Really The Answer?

  1. I’m sick of reading your articles week after week. All you do is cry and complain about racism and say everything is against the African American.

    Many beautiful neighborhoods have been ruined once the racial makeup changed: Logan, East Oak Lane, West Oak Lane, Northeast, South Philadelphia, Cheltenham Township (where I grew up). Our President has a give-it-away, Third-World, socialist view of the world and his economic policies reflect the same.

    If you really were concerned about problems in your community, address the issues of illegitimate children, drug addiction, violent crime, high minority dropout rate, the tragic cycle of welfare dependency and disrespect for others.

    Look at African Americans in the media: Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Louis Farakhan and Oprah Winfrey are far more racist to whites than the other way around. You may have reached me 20 or 25 years ago, but now your whining falls on mine and many of my friends’ deaf ears.

    Jay Karp
    December 23, 2013 at 8:28 pm

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