WALKING THE BEAT: Don’t Miss The Pennsylvania Society!

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waldorf 2-723BY JOE SHAY STIVALA/ The PENNSYLVANIA SOCIETY weekend in THE BIG APPLE is coming. The group began a century ago when Pennsy executives working in New York created a dinner to honor our state. At least seven events this year are hosted by Philly law firms: an event for Gov. Corbett, one each by Energy and Shale industries; Also Penn and Temple. PNC Bank’s CEO has one with local VP Sal PATTI on hand. The Gov. Mifflin and Genevieve Societies’ affairs are elegant. Children’s Hospital honors the Children’s CHAMPION JANNIE BLACKWELL! A reception for Council President Darrell CLARKE, State Sen. Mike STACK and congressmen at ESPN is planned. At an apex night with Local 98 IBEW and NECA, Johnny DOUGHERTY can draw as many as the grand dinner hosted by Executive Director Carol FITZGERALD which features Vice President JOE BIDEN!

The recent attack by Local 22’s union chief on Commissioner Lloyd AYERS seems like bad advice to this pro-union writer. AYERS is an ordinary fireman of 38 years, rising through the ranks, and holding every job position. He was so adept at firefighting that he has served in TWO administrations. Local 22, in the past, was not so politically savvy. It is now. I have maintained we should bravely name any culprits in the sad demotion issue. AYERS is NOT one.

HOW ABOUT Gov. CORBETT selecting names of potential leaders of the School Reform Commission? One was Councilman Bill GREEN. If selected, it would help his chances of becoming Mayor. An article that seemed to BOOST him stated that he had creative ideas – but let’s hear them FIRST. I believe his former aide is now with the School District. She is very creative. Al MEZZAROBA is probably the best selection to head the SRC! His PEOPLE SKILLS are what is needed for the hard work ahead…. The article about the EAGLE Academy (all-male) schools achievements might be a thought. No distracting or showboating for the guys.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS: Larry DeMARCO, suburban pol, had his on the 3rd. The 8th is Charles Mirarchi III’s, counselor of gamblers, big day. On the 9th, Mike “The Energizer KATES has his big 39th. Derek GREEN, ESQ., valuable Council to Councilwoman Marian TASCO, celebrates!

The recent sentence handed down to a legislative aide was TOO GREAT (?). She was superior at her constituent-service work and sending the hobbling grandmother to jail for so long is just COLD…. A fine funeral service was held for Judge Anthony DeFINO with superb eulogy by his son Michael. It will be hard NOT to imagine a world WITHOUT the impeccably dressed judge entering the Justice Center with a sprightly step. A MONUMENTAL MAN for all seasons. Teacher and friend to multitudes.

BABE HEFFRON, WW2 hero, longshoreman, soldier extraordinary, passed at 90. I will remember him leading the march of WW2 vets to be honored in the great hall of the Union League recently…. GREAT: The Labor MEET & GREET of Joe DOUGHERTY, Jr. of Philly Labor.com, went well! The next one will introduce Teamsters Local 830 leader Dan GRACE. It will be held in the Local 401 Hall of Business Mgr. Joe DOUGHERTY, SR.

NEEDY kids will be the recipient of 1,000 coats, courtesy of Councilwoman Jannie BLACKWELL…. Jeff HORNSTEIN, part of City Controller Butkovitz’s brain trust, correctly lamented the odd way the legislature dealt with the transportation bill…. Izzy FITZGERALD’s 10th Ward is hosting a LOL Comedy Show on the 13th, a really good time!

Former State Rep. Bryan LENTZ rightly champions the candidacy of Billy SMITH for legislator in the 164th!… Hard-money real-estate lenders and properties stolen with fake deeds – the DA has to jump into this with BOTH FEET. Taxpayers need HELP with an easier REMEDY.

STATE REP. Mark COHEN called attention to the rising DOW JONES Average. He said it was good news for PENSION FUNDS and government programs, and more revenue from taxes on capital gains…. Will the candidacy of Orie FLEISHER for 2nd Dist. Councilman mean that Councilman Kenyatta JOHNSON will not seek to be 36thWard Leader, but instead will seek reelection votes from the Ward Leader – who could be Harold JAMES – if Anna VERNA retires?

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