CITY HALL SAM: Christmas Parties (And One That Wasn’t)

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Well-respected lobbyist SEAN REILLY tied the knot recently to the lovely SUSAN PAUL. Reilley is a conservative Republican with many friends in Democratic circles.

VINCENT FUMO ... on the street again, but not partying about it yet.

VINCENT FUMO … on the street again, but not partying about it yet.

Former powerful STATE SEN. VINCENT FUMO did not host his annual holiday party at the Green Street mansion. Apparently federal authorities prohibited this type of event. Fumo family members carried on the party while Vince was incarcerated in Ashland, Ky. But the amount of negative publicity received for a proposed welcome home party when he was released was questionable.

Local 98 powerhouse JOHN DOUGHERTY hosted a post-Christmas holiday party at McFadden’s at Citizens Bank Park. Among the VIPs in attendance were City CONTROLLER ALAN BUTKOVITZ and COUNCILMAN BOB HENON. Numerous ward leaders were in attendance including MATT MYERS, SHAWN DILLON and PAT PARKINSON.

JOHN McNESBY hosted a Christmas party at the new FOP lodge. McNesby is rumored to be considering a run for City Council against Republican incumbent BRIAN O’NEILL. Oddly, O’Neill has a constituent-service office at the FOP. For many years O’Neill was attacked by Democrats for having no local office. It would be uniquely awkward for his landlord to run against him. Nonetheless, McNesby is highly regarded and should he choose a career in elective office he would be formidable.

City Council hopeful SHERRIE COHEN has been making the rounds all over Philadelphia. She finished in the top tier of unsuccessful candidates for Council at-large in the last election. For her to be successful, a vacancy has to be created or one of the five Council at-Large incumbents must be the object of citywide cutting. The opening could be created IF COUNCILMAN BILL GREEN is appointed chairman of the School Reform Commission. He himself puts his chances at only 50-50. Nonetheless, politics proves the early bird often gets the worm.

City Commission CHAIRMAN ANTHONY CLARK’S new Election Guide has already in its second printing. This Commissioner, a former North Philadelphia ward leader, is quiet by nature and prefers to operate from the backroom. But he has emerged as an innovative leader and the reforms undertaken in the City Commission after he assumed its chair show him to be a dynamic and influential player whose work has benefited the city.




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