CITY HALL SAM: Politicos Join In The Money Chase

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A New Year begins, but politicians face the same issue: raising money to continue being viable candidates and elected officials.

With her eye on a City Council at Large race in 2015 or perhaps a mayoral run, COUNCILWOMAN AT LARGE BLONDELL REYNOLDS BROWN was the guest of labor at a fundraising event last week. The event took place at the Laborers’ District Council on N. Broad Street. The highly successful fundraiser was hosted by powerful labor LEADER RYAN BOYER, business manager of the Laborers’ District Council. Many other labor leaders attended the event, including PFT PRESIDENT JERRY JORDAN, WENDELL YOUNG of the UFCW 1776, JOHN KANE of the Plumbers’ Union, ANTHONY GALLAGHER of the Steamfitters, and TOMMIE ST. HILL, an operative of IBEW Local 98.

The New Year began with some big fireworks as a block of Northeast Philadelphia Ward Leaders broke with City Democratic Party CHAIRMAN BOB BRADY to endorse MARJORIE MARGOLIES in the 13th Congressional Dist. race. Brady endorsed Philadelphia STATE REP. BRENDAN BOYLE for this seat.

Northeast Ward Leaders endorsing Margolies included Chairman of the Northeast Ward Leaders and 66B WARD LEADER MIKE McALEER, 56TH WARD LEADER JOHN SABATINA, SR., 42ND WARD LEADER ELAINE TOMLIN, 35TH WARD LEADER BILL DOLBOW and 53RD WARD LEADER JANICE SULMAN. The ward leaders cited Marjorie’s past experience in Congress and her ability to use this experience to get things done in Congress as the reason for their endorsement. They also cited their concern about Boyle’s running for a State House seat and Congress at the same time.

While this moved is perceived by some as a blow to Boyle, others have pointed to his impressive number of endorsements from labor and elected officials. He has also done well in fundraising. As the only Philadelphia candidate, he has a geographical edge. The three Montgomery Co. candidates are expected to split up the suburban votes. This race will be one of the hottest primary contests in the state.

City CONTROLLER ALAN BUTKOVITZ continued pushing his theme about the growing divide between two Philadelphias: one that is well educated, highly skilled and earns high wages and one that is not well educated, under-employed or unemployed. This issue was raised by Butkovitz in his swearing-in speech at the Academy of Music. He released a report a few days late showing how buy local campaigns could create over 4,000 jobs.

The Controller’s campaign hinges on getting large employers in Philly such as Comcast, IBC, Penn, Jefferson Health System, and Temple to buy locally made products. It’s an innovative program aimed at increasing manufacturing in the city. It sounds very mayoral and will probably be a key issue in Butkovitz’s expected 2015 mayoral run.

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