CITY HALL SAM: Unions Back Boyle, Evans Backs Wolf, Kane Backs Himself

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Congressional candidate BRENDAN BOYLE was the guest of honor at Morton’s Steakhouse the day after the big snowstorm. Nonetheless, the event was well attended. Among the guests were WAYNE MILLER, head of the Sprinklerfitters Union; STATE REP. ED NEILSON; and City COUNCILMAN BOB HENON.
DWIGHT EVANS continued down the path of a maverick and endorsed TOM WOLF for Governor. What does it mean? Nothing earth-shattering. It just gives Wolf a notable endorsement from a Philadelphia elected official. The nod also puts a thumb in the eye of CONGRESSWOMAN ALLYSON SCHWARTZ, who is endorsed by BOB BRADY and recognized as a Philadelphian. Insiders say Evans could still prove he’s pro-Philadelphia by endorsing STATE SEN. MIKE STACK for Lieutenant Governor.

PLUMBERS' UNION chief John Kane is Dems' bright hope to pick up suburban State Senate seat.

PLUMBERS’ UNION chief John Kane is Dems’ bright hope to pick up suburban State Senate seat.

JOHN KANE is the head of the Plumbers Union and running for the State Senate in Delaware Co. Kane is an excellent leader and very likeable. His victory could be a substantial pickup for Senate Democrats. He would also vote with Philadelphia on key issues and bolster the delegation’s influence. The race will be one of the most expensive in the state as Republicans will not likely give up without a fight.

The district is also in the backyard of MAJORITY LEADER DOMINIC PILEGGI, who will spend whatever it takes. Ironically, many Philadelphians get along with Pileggi, but they readily admit he would plunge a political dagger in their heart if necessary without hesitation.

STATE REP. J.P. MIRANDA was indicted on charges of using ghost employees in his district office. The new State Representative will have a chance to explain himself, but the vultures are already flying around his State Rep seat.

BILL GREEN is waiting anxiously for his confirmation to the School Reform Commission. He has detractors among the Philadelphia Delegation and the teacher’s union. JERRY JORDAN, the president of that union, wants to kill the nomination. But confirmation happens with a majority vote, so Green is likely to be confirmed. His support of charters and vouchers has been a sore point for many, but public education could use a fresh view. Green might surprise people.

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  1. Kane will win.

    February 3, 2014 at 7:22 pm

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