OUR OPINION: Global Warming, Huh!

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Ask any Philadelphian today if he thought the Good Earth was in danger of warming up and he’d swear you were nuts for asking that question.

Since we are plagued by at least 15 minutes of weather in the half hour of news we get on our local stations, we have learned to study and record for ourselves when they show dates in which the coldest or hottest weather records were set.

We’ve concluded, based on those records, the Earth keeps on doing what it does, setting weather records every 50 years or so … in no specific order.

Then again, before we can align ourselves to being pro- or anti- global warming we noted some snowy white owls has been seen in Florida, a state they have never flown down to in recorded history. The same with lobsters, the kind caught up in Maine, are producing more than ever, but this time in the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream.

Do we blame global warming, or global chilling?

In any event, what needs to be warmed up for sure is voter interest in our elections. We know some of the reasons, but we blame that on the lack of voter education. That was a course we all took in public schools back when, but it hasn’t been on education front burners for a long, long time.

So we call attention to the fact City Commissioner Stephanie Singer is opening a two-hour seminar on how to run for committee person. Details are in our Calendar of Events. That’s a start in the right direction.


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One Response to OUR OPINION: Global Warming, Huh!

  1. One possible effect of hugely increasing greenhouse gases, less sunlight, rising oceans, less plants and less oxygen production — is inversion of colder deep-ocean water currents (as glamorized in the film The Day After). Polar shifting (hopefully temporary) is another chance….

    Super increased droughts (Calif.), Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, massive flooding (e.g. in Bangladesh) and the worst-ever typhoon (The Philippines), all took place in these past few years, and should not be ignored. Greatly increased concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide are all serious issues.

    Global weather CHANGES are not like an imaginary beachball for us to play with in a crowd.

    Richard D. Conrad
    February 10, 2014 at 4:01 pm

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