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sad EagleIn case you missed it on Saturday, the Philadelphia Eagles lost their round-one NFL playoff game against the New Orleans Saints.
It was a decent game, which the home team lost 26-24. The city made the stadium look nice, and no snowballs were thrown as far as we know.
But someone did get spat upon. According to the sports website Deadspin.com, a Saints fan, happy that his team was now headed to Seattle to take on the number one seeded Seahawks, was told by a disgruntled Eagles fan that he was going to spit in the Saints fan’s face. He then proceeded to do it.
Now, I’m bringing this up because Eagles fans were miffed at Times-Picayune Saints beat writer Jeff Duncan when he wrote the same column that every, and I do mean every, opposing team’s beat writer puts together about Philly’s crazy and boorish fans.
These columns talk about all of the usual stuff: throwing snowballs at Santa; cheering as Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin lay injured on the Veterans Stadium turf; throwing batteries at opposing fans; and a Phillies fan throwing up on a little girl.
Fans in Eagle land went nuts. How dare you bring up this old stuff? Fans in other cities do worse. You never bring that stuff up.
And then someone spits on a Saints fan. On video. And it goes out everywhere.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand as sports fans that seeing your team in the post season is a big deal. You want to see them go as far as possible.
But unless you’re getting a check signed by Jeffrey Lurie, your emotional investment in the game should only go as far as maybe crying in your beer and buffalo wings or sitting in a dark room burning green candles. It shouldn’t include spitting in someone’s face.
And if it does – don’t complain when someone brings it up.

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