WALKING THE BEAT: For Snow Removal, Ticket City, Not Taypayers

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IF PROPERTY-OWNERS can be ticketed for not clearing snow from their sidewalks, why not ticket City of Phila. for not clearing snow from its streets?

IF PROPERTY-OWNERS can be ticketed for not clearing snow from their sidewalks, why not ticket City of Phila. for not clearing snow from its streets?

The radio blared a City effort to TICKET TAXPAYERS who had not cleared their sidewalks (though the reasons vary). WHO tickets the City for poor snow and ice removal from our streets? Mayor John STREET always did a fine job, and with no stories of ice adhering to asphalt. Could it be PENNY-PINCHING in a city of the FIRST CLASS?… The rumors of NUTTER wanting the 1st Dist. Congressional seat persist. A good choice for legislator would be Mike DRISCOLL for the McGeehan seat.

The Fire Dept. AGAIN reduced fire fatalities in 2013. Over 279,000 Emergency Medical Service calls were answered. There are alarms from the time an EMS worker reports for duty until they end their shift. HATS OFF to Commissioner Lloyd AYERS and his Firefighter-EMS Team…. The outburst by the DA over the Archdiocese’s posting of bail for Msgr. LYNN saw him take on his own faith. It is curious since he is an Army Reserve soldier. He took the same oath I did, to preserve, protect and defend – the rights of others. He must not be too upset since he did not quit the religion. An appeals person in the DA’s Office said the Lynn case showed the DA could take on the church. But they were always able to do that, right?

The long-running New Year’s Eve FIREWORKS at Penn’s Landing FINALLY made the news BIG TIME in 2013. It was good to see Meryl LEVITZ and Monica SANTORO working hard on the event…. The “2 Street” New Year’s Day is Philly’s secret. A family environment. A Mardi Gras in the cold. Units continue to march up and down past the Mummer’s Museum Reviewing stand and PIRATES’, Johnny DOC, Charles BERNARD, SULLIVAN and WECCACOE reviewing areas. Judge Henry LEWANDOWSKI (Pirates) marched on 2 Street.

Last Monday was the SWEARING-IN service of 2013 General Election winners. Controller Alan BUTKOVITZ (underestimated by opponents) was a big winner, since he really works hard to help the 99%…. Our new Common Pleas judges are the best of the lot, displaying voter awareness. Congrats to Judges Anne Marie COYLE; Timika LANE; Joe FERNANDES; Daniel McCAFFERY, Giovanni CAMPBELL, Sierra THOMAS and Scott O’KEEFE. Municipal Court winners are Martin COLEMAN, Henry LEWANDOWSKI and Fran SHIELDS. There can be nothing but PROFOUND, professional respect for these jurists.

CONGRATS to Justice Max BAER on his retention in the State Supreme Court. He could soon be second highest in seniority…. I was told 12/14/14 is the last day of work for Justice CASTILLE, Judge HERRON and Judge GLASER (who reportedly married)? Is this true? Why did we spend all that money to elect Castille for so short a time? If this date is correct, I will save a bottle of Irish Crème for that day. In old files, I found a photo of what looks like Judge Glaser in the DEMOCRATIC WOMEN Fashion Show. I will seek corroboration.

The first Saint Patrick’s party was announced by Ward 57 Leader Pat PARKINSON for March 14!… State Rep. Vanessa BROWN did it again. She is creating opportunities for women as new State President of Women in Government!!!

YEAH! Governor “Corporate” finally gave up the push to sell our lottery. But DO NOT FORGET it!… His Medicaid Expansion had a hearing of sorts in Philly. Few attended in the aftermath of the storm, and no questions were allowed. Commissioner, WHAT KIND of HEARING was that?? The plan reportedly asks high premiums to multi-trillion-dollar insurance companies.

The new PHA apprentice program seems not to consider tough economic times when many union workers had no work. Not enough locals are represented in it…. Two newspapers want clemency for Edward SNOWDEN. Why – so they can get exclusives?

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Charles and “Reds” BERNARD. Two lovebirds in timeless romance. Dr. Andy WASKIE and lovely wife, of Temple University, celebrated their 10th anniversary with a Florida trip planned.

Passed away is Gus PEDICONE, a public official years back, and a Downtown GOP leader, who owned an air-freight business…. Mike BRIGHT passed on New Year’s Eve Downtown, just as his life was headed in a good direction. Perfect Peace to him from his best friend Matt… Mary STRYKOWSKI, daughter of the late State Sen. Frank LYNCH, is gone from us. Her pleasantness leaves Northeast Philly for Heaven.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Charles FIELDS, President of Heart to Heart in King of Prussia. And to Kensington resident Lynn FARRELL, who does a super job at St. Boniface…. Also Kennedyesque Councilman BOBBY HENON. His first 100 days were innovative, and continue to be so!… Roseanne PAUCIELLO, leader of Ward 39, has a birthday next week. She is a new Philly MENSA.

To ALL: Happy, Healthy New Year!

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