WALKING THE BEAT: Green For SRC – Are You Kidding?

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BY JOE SHAY STIVALA/ I CANNOT BELIEVE that I agree with Mayor Nutter on the SRC Chairman. And does Gov. Corbett select the SRC chair? No democratic vote of the members or public? Some writers seem to be painting GREEN as a SAVIOR of our schools. His family is in real estate. His friend is a former chair of the Board of Revision of Taxes. So sale of closed schools might be expedited – bringing him praise. But don’t be distracted. The real objective is to BETTER EDUCATE our kids! And the SELFLESS act of Green not running for Mayor to take the SRC job (?). His prospects were not great. But he can tout good works at the SRC, as underpinning for a future campaign for Mayor! When you run for a Council seat, voters pick you to finish your term. If Corbett just selected him, fine; but the job was lobbied for. Folks ask if Green is like his grandfather or father. When he first arrived in Philly, ward leaders heard he was like his party chair grandpop. Not so in my book.

ALL HAIL Judge McGINLEY’s ruling on VOTER I.D. GOV. Corbett, DO NOT SPEND taxpayer money on APPEAL against wishes of TAXPAYERS and media editorials!… TOP PUBLIC SERVANTS: State Sen. Larry FARNESE got SB 1644 passed in the State Senate ON A.V.I…. State Rep. Mark COHEN, a STATE ASSET, celebrated 24 years in office. Reelect him!…. Lisa DEELEY, aide to Councilman Bobby HENON, finished eight years of city service to constituents. She is one of the TOP TWO in constituent service!

The word on the street is that the Assessment office might close the books, and not do any increases for a year (?)… The Board of Revision of Taxes, which holds taxpayer-assessment hearings, got 24,000 AVI appeals. A normal year brings 3,000 – so they have EIGHT YEARS OF WORK IN ONE YEAR! The Mayor had cut their pay, but not in assessment office where there are BIG $$ JOBS.

SHERIFF Jewell Williams gets ready to test one of bicycles now in use by Sheriff's patrol unit now deployed around CJC perimeter.

SHERIFF Jewell Williams gets ready to test one of bicycles now in use by Sheriff’s patrol unit now deployed around CJC perimeter.

The furor over the City Inspector General going after low-level city workers with two jobs saw a naming of BIG-paid $$ City workers by a GOP Ward Leader Matthew WOLFE. He left out the Police Commissioner, who is also Public Safety Director (so did the daily press). Bravo MATTHEW. He should run for office and take his BROOM! Save money – MERGE the IG office into the DA’s office!… A GOOD CHOICE to replace Bill GREEN is Mike DRISCOLL, a down-to-Earth decent man!

REV. Kevin JOHNSON of powerful BRIGHT HOPE Church may run for Mayor. His last post was at ABYSSINIAN BAPTIST Church in Harlem. Remember Rev. and Congressman ADAM CLAYTON POWELL was pastor there! A very powerful head of Ways & Means Committee was he. Will Marian TASCO be for her pastor (?). BRIGHT HOPE featured a LGBT health-care seminar on MLK DAY, as well as the City’s principal MLK church service…. Paul “Earthquake” MOORE held a MLK procession on Woodland Avenue featuring 1960s cars and attire!

Rev. Damon JONES at Bible Way honored civic leaders Ella DUNN and Joanie NEWKIRK – well deserved…. The Sashing of the ST. PATRICK’S PARADE MARSHAL will be on Mar. 13 in the Doubletree Hotel. Jim MURRAY was Eagles General Manager, head of Eagles Fight Leukemia, and Ronald McDonald House Founder. So says Bob GESSLER, President of the St. Patrick’s Observance Assn.
Capt. Ray McCABE of the St. Patrick’s Retreat will hold the AOH retreat at St. Joseph’s on 7-8 February. So says AOH Prexy Joe FOX. I remember Mayor Tate’s retreat on Holy Week, with Sen. Herbie McGlinchey, Sheriff Murray, and even a Chief Justice. Lively…. Torresdale Boys Club will hold a St. Patrick’s Auction on Mar. 15-16, says Heather McCREEDY. Support it.

HATS OFF to Phila. Postal Employees Choir for singing at various Martin Luther King Day of Service programs around city. Postal Choir performs at many charity functions in Phila. year-round. Photo by Leona Dixon

HATS OFF to Phila. Postal Employees Choir for singing at various Martin Luther King Day of Service programs around city. Postal Choir performs at many charity functions in Phila. year-round. Photo by Leona Dixon

Welcome INSULATORS’ UNION Local 14 to the St. Patrick’s Parade! Pat Eiding would be proud of his old local…. SO MANY VETERANS are homeless. The VA is funding nonprofits $600m in an effort to END veteran homelessness.

State Rep. John SABATINA is asking the Governor to FOLD UP against ANY PLAN to resurrect a lottery sale! Stop it, Guv!… Local 19 member and 21st Ward Committeeman Todd FARALLY has his birthday on Jan. 28. He is known as the voice of Facebook…. Capt. Jack LIEBERMAN (Navy retired) has his birthday on Feb. 2. Jack, a fine nautical HISTORIAN, is preparing the USS SOMERSET commissioning (Mar. 1) in Penn’s Landing.

SAD loss was Cecile DiBONA, wife of Hon. Alfred DiBONA, Jr. Perfect Peace to her…. We heard the Delaware River Port Authority neglected bridges, broken escalators on PATCO, donating millions, and their CEO becomes a JERSEY JUDGE (?).

STATE SEN. Richard Kasunic’s SB 411 is just CRAZY. It would use acid water from mines for FRACKING instead of fresh creek water. I can remember the state National Guard cleaning up creeks tainted by leaking mine water with tons of LIME. The PUBLIC RECORD reported recently that technology to clean up fracking water is already used in Texas. Don’t take a cheaper way out!… The amoeba shape of the 6th Congressional Dist., where Jim GERLACH says he will not seek reelection, looks like the ultimate gerrymander for a GOP win.

11½ to 23 months in jail for taking a life seems meager. Two ex-cops were sentenced in that shooting….The kid who said that his “damaged goods” were damaged by police, if his claims are proven, requires action.

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